Bus driver’s sharp reflexes save two kids on a bicycle

A lot of accidents in India involve mostly two-wheelers. Most of the accidents happen because riders tend to ride rashly. They do not ride responsibly and end up in accidents. However, when there is a bigger vehicle involved, such as a truck or a bus, it is assumed that the driver of the four-wheeler would be responsible. Here is a video that shows a near-miss situation that happened between a bus and a cycle which was being ridden by two kids.

The incident took place somewhere in Kerala. The information about the location is not known. The video is recorded by a CCTV camera and we can see that there are two kids on a cycle going on the side path of the road. When the kid who is riding try to come on the road from the muddy path, the cycle tips over on the right side. The kid who was sitting on the rear seat does not fall and walks right away.

However, the kid who was riding the cycle does fall because the bus hits its front wheel. But the driver had good reflexes due to which he turned the steering wheel towards the right due to which the bus only hits the wheel of the cycle. The kid who stands up and gets towards the side of the road. It seems that he did not face any injury. Because of the bus driver’s good reflexes, the life of two kids was saved.

How this incident could have been avoided?

Bus driver’s sharp reflexes save two kids on a bicycle

Well, the kids should have first look at the traffic that was coming from behind. His cycle was not equipped with rearview mirrors he would need to take his eyes off the road. Many accidents happen on our roads because people tend to change lanes without taking a glance at the outside rearview mirror. If you would know that something is coming from the side, you would not change the lane which would reduce the chance of an accident by a significant margin. This is the reason that the government decided to mandate the side mirrors on the two-wheelers. Section 5 and 7 of the Central Motor Vehicles Act clearly states that all vehicles are required to have rearview mirrors.

However, many people remove them on two-wheelers because of cosmetic purpose or they think that the side mirrors would hit something when they are filtering through traffic. All it takes is a single glance to see if something is coming from behind and if it is safe to change lane or not. Most driving instructors suggest that you should check the rearview mirrors every five to eight seconds. ‘Check’  here means a quick glance not staring the rearview mirror. Following this habit will make you aware of the surroundings that you are driving in. You will also be aware of the vehicles that are around you, at what speed that is coming towards you and whether it is safe to change lane or not. Also, check for vehicles that are in your blind spot. If you see a vehicle in the rear view mirror and then it disappears, there are high chances that it is in the vehicle’s blind spot.