Bus drivers made to do sit-ups for rash driving [Video]

There are numerous videos on YouTube and other social media websites that show the rash driving of bus drivers in India. Well, there are many cases registered against the bus drivers but often no action is taken against the drivers by the authorities. In Rau, Madhya Pradesh, the residents took it on their own hands to teach a lesson to the bus drivers and ensure that they drive in a better way on the public roads.

The incident happened near Rau Police Station region of the city. The intercity buses between Indore and Mhow regularly pass through the roads of Rau and they often drive rash in the dense traffic. It buses pose a threat to all the pedestrians on the roads regularly. A half a dozen of such drivers were caught by the residents of the city earlier this week. Instead of giving them harsh punishments, the residents made them do sit-ups on the top of their respective buses.

All the drivers were asked to climb to the roof of their buses and were asked to do at least 15 squats each while holding their ears. According to the locals, the bus drivers often become the cause behind accidents and a lot of injuries have happened in the past. The residents also allege that the drivers park the buses in the middle of the roads for pick-up and drops and they also chase the other buses on the roads to reach the destination earlier. Such nuisance driving risk the lives of the people living in the town.

Bus drivers made to do sit-ups for rash driving [Video]

Residents tried going the conventional way and talked about the issue with the transport department and traffic police. However, instead of assurances from the department, no action was taken against the drivers and there was no improvement to the situation. That is why the people wanted to take the situation in their control and punish the errant drivers.

The locals who caught the drivers also said that the area has narrow lanes, which are almost always crowded by the traffic. The manoeuvres made by bus drivers cause more risk to the residents and pedestrians. In the past, we have seen people taking the matter into their own hands by lynching others. However, this is a very unique way of punishing the erratic drivers.

Indore’s regional transport officer, Jitendra Singh Raghuvanshi said that the residents had an issue with the timings of the busses. He assured that the matter will be discussed with the locals and the bus operators and the timings will be changed according to the need of the residents if required. Dinesh Verma, who is the in-charge of Rau Police station said he warned the drivers for speeding and rash driving and will take appropriate action if there is no improvement in the future.