BUSTED: 10 biggest myths about Rolls Royces

There are a lot of legends surrounding Rolls Royce, some true, some untrue. Here are 10 myths that we bust today.

Myth: They never break down

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This is something that is not true. Yes, they maybe very reliable, but saying that they never break down is going a step too far. There have been many cases of vehicles breaking down across the world. One such famous incident was when Kim Kardashian’s Ghost broke down and this made it to quite a few leading newspapers at that time.

Myth: Anyone cannot buy a Rolls Royce

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There is a myth that Rolls will check your history and only then decide whether they want to give you a car or not. However, that is not true. If you have the money to afford a Rolls, the company will happily sell you one. People who think that Mallika Sherawat couldn’t get one because she was rejected by the company, is not true since there is no proof of it. Mallika even went on to rubbish the story.

Myth: It is all British

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Yes, the company makes the car in their factory in UK. However the birth of the RR takes place in a factory in Germany, where the aluminium body panels are made and welded together. These bodies are then brought to the UK facility where the manufacturing process continues.

Myth: The air conditioning in a Rolls-Royce has the cooling power of at least 30 domestic refrigerators.


Though this is a great marketing gimick and we are sure that the Rolls Royce  AC is very effective, comparing that to the cooling power of 30 other fridges is wrong.

Myth: Spirit of Ecstasy is made up of pure silver

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In the olden days, it was believed that the Spirit of Ecstasy, which is the trade mark of every Rolls is made up of silver. This is not true. The Spirit of Ecstasy is made up of stainless steel on all vehicles. You could however opt to get a personalized one and have it any material you like, be it silver or gold or any other material

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