BUSTED: 8 biggest myths about Ferrari

The Ferrari brand is known for its exclusivity. There are many car brands that produce supercars and hypercars, but Ferrari has a different set of rules for its customers. Such practices create a lot of myths about the brand. We bring you the eight popular myths about Ferrari.

You cannot bring the XX models home

BUSTED: 8 biggest myths about Ferrari
Two Ferrari XX models of Google executive in his driveway

There is a widespread belief that the Ferrari’s track-oriented XX models are required to stay at Ferrari factory after you’re done with your track day. Ferrari will bring the car to you in any part of the world but you’re not allowed to spend time with the vehicle after you’re done with your laps. Many believed the rule because not many XX model owners interact and tell people about such rules.

Well, Google’s executive, Benjamin Sloss busted that myth after he posted a picture of his Ferrari 599XX EVO parked at his driveway. He also added that there is no such rule and the customer is allowed to take them anywhere they want to.

The myth originated from the fact that there are many cars stored in the Maranello in the Corse Clienti department but customers are allowed to have them at home too. However, Ferrari has made it mandatory to get the car reviewed by Ferrari crew team before the car hits the track in an event or private testing session. Ferrari sends a mechanic and a technician before any track event or private session.

Anyone can buy any Ferrari car

BUSTED: 8 biggest myths about Ferrari

Even if you own 5-6 Ferrari cars or a Ferrari collector, you may not get the approval to buy the exotics like Ferrari LaFerrari or the Ferrari FXX. For such hypercars, Ferrari carefully chooses the customer profile themselves and send invites to the prospective customers. So even 5-6 Ferrari cars in your garage will not get you the big ticket. Many personalities have sued Ferrari after they were not allowed to buy certain models.

You can buy Ferraris only through invites

BUSTED: 8 biggest myths about Ferrari

Ferrari is a privileged firm in the car business. Their ‘super-exotics’ do have customer profiling system, but if you are planning to buy a Ferrari FF or California, no one will stop you. You only need deep pockets to own a Ferrari, just like any other car brand.

Ferrari never advertises

Well, they do but it is extremely limited to the prospective audience. We may not see Ferrari commercials on TV but they have other mediums to reach their clientele. Ferrari uses mediums like sponsorships and online advertisements to let the world know about their presence. Sponsor names in big events or festivals do get noticed and reach the targetted audience. Shown above is an example of Ferrari video advert.

Always been a sports car manufacturer

BUSTED: 8 biggest myths about Ferrari

Ferrari has a long history of racing and participating in most exhilarating racing events around the world since a long. But they also made a few boring, not so sporty cars. One example is Ferrari 365 GT4, which was launched in a selected market.

Open the engine hatch and lose warranty

BUSTED: 8 biggest myths about Ferrari

Most of Ferrari engines are mounted between the axles of the car. It is a widespread rumour that Ferrari will not honour the warranty if you open the engine hatch and will charge you a lot more money to fix the problem. Well, opening the engine itself may put you in a spot just like any other car but merely opening the engine hatch and admiring the beautiful piece of craftsmanship will not cause any trouble.

You can sell your Ferrari when you want

Well, it does not apply to all the Ferrari models but the exotics like the LaFerrari come with a signed bond. You cannot such Ferraris if you do not like them. You will have to keep them for the agreed upon period after buying the vehicle. Ferrari may even penalise you and put you on a blacklist if you dishonour the agreement.

Ferraris become expensive with time

BUSTED: 8 biggest myths about Ferrari

Ferraris are like any other cars in the world when it comes to depreciation. Their prices drop or rise depending on the rarity and exclusiveness. All the Ferrari models do not become expensive with time unlike believed by a wide group of people.