Best Hyundai Venue Variants Under Rs 12 Lakh for Tech-savvy Gadget Lovers

Technology drives the world, and that includes our cars today. Let’s look at Hyundai’s compact SUV, the Hyundai Venue, and find out what makes the tech-savvy buyer finds appealing in the car.

In this article, we will share

  • What a tech-savvy gadget lover looks for in a car
  • Hyundai Venue – an in-depth look at its technology, features and gadgets
  • Which variant is right for you

As such, the Hyundai Venue comes packed with features. Its price ranges from Rs 9 lakh to Rs 14 lakh. So, do its mid-level variants (Rs 10 lakh to Rs 12 lakh) have anything to offer tech-savvy gadget lovers? We find out.

Best Hyundai Venue Variants Under Rs 12 Lakh for Tech-savvy Gadget Lovers
Hyundai Venue

What a Tech-Savvy Gadget Lover Looks for in a Car

Here’s what to look for in a car as a tech-savvy buyer:

  • Hi-tech features: What advanced features such as infotainment system does the car have
  • Driver assistance: Does the car have tech-driven features to assist you in driving
  • Connectivity: Does the car have internet connectivity
  • Convenience: What features does the car have to enhance convenience

For a tech-savvy gadget lover, the ideal car is more than just a mode of transportation. It is a mobile command center, a digital hub full of high-tech features and gadgets.

When looking for the best cars with advanced technology, these individuals prioritize tech features like connectivity (Android Auto, Apple CarPlay), a high-end audio system, touchscreen navigation, and smart driver-assistance systems.

Comfort is also key in top cars with the latest features, with conveniences like keyless entry, automatic climate control, and adaptive cruise control topping their wishlist. Lastly, innovative designs, both inside and out, add that extra layer of appeal in their search for the most feature-rich car.

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Why Hyundai Venue is Popular

The Hyundai Venue has been gaining popularity among tech-savvy gadget lovers due to its impressive array of technological features. The Venue comes equipped with a high-end audio system, Bluetooth connectivity supporting Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, and a user-friendly touchscreen navigation system.

As far as cars with innovative gadgets in India are concerned, the Venue features several driver assistance systems such as a rear parking camera, keyless entry, and steering mounted controls, making it both safe and convenient. The vehicle’s interior design is modern, appealing to those who appreciate contemporary aesthetics.

The Hyundai Venue also offers diverse options in terms of variants, allowing tech-savvy consumers to choose the model that best fits their lifestyle and needs.

Best Hyundai Venue Variants Under Rs 12 Lakh for Tech-savvy Gadget Lovers

Hyundai Venue Variants Shortlist in Rs 10-12 Lakh Range

Variant Price (INR) as on 24 July 2023
S Plus Diesel ₹ 1,046,000
SX ₹ 1,093,000
SX DT ₹ 1,108,000
S Opt Turbo DCT ₹ 1,143,000

Hyundai Venue S Plus Diesel

At ₹ 1,046,000: this variant is a cost-effective choice for tech-savvy buyers, offering a variety of key features like an audio system with 4 speakers, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, keyless entry, and a day/night IRVM. It also boasts comfort features like automatic power windows and a modern interior design. However, it lacks cruise control and a sunroof. You can also check out how the Venue compares with Maruti Suzuki Brezza in its technology, gadgets and features.

Hyundai Venue SX

Priced at ₹ 1,093,000), the SX variant adds to the features of the S Plus Diesel by including climate control and rear AC vents, enhancing comfort during drives. However, it lacks internet connectivity and seating adjustments.

Hyundai Venue SX DT

At ₹ 1,108,000, the SX DT is essentially similar to the SX variant, with similar tech features. Its price is slightly higher, possibly due to subtle differences in design or finishes. We have also compared the petrol variants of Venue and Kia Sonet for tech-savvy buyers.

Hyundai Venue S Opt Turbo DCT

At ₹ 1,143,000, this is the premium variant among the four, with a higher price tag. It offers several P0 features such as an automatic power window and an advanced DCT transmission, making it a great choice for those who value comfort and convenience.

Best Hyundai Venue Variants Under Rs 12 Lakh for Tech-savvy Gadget Lovers
Hyundai Venue

Our Top Pick for the Best Hyundai Venue Variant for Tech-Savvy Gadget Lovers

Among the four variants, the Hyundai Venue S Opt Turbo DCT emerges as the best choice for a tech-savvy gadget lover. Although it’s the most expensive, it offers a broader array of high-tech features, enhancing both driving experience and comfort.

This variant includes a DCT (Dual-Clutch Transmission), ensuring a smoother and more efficient driving experience, particularly beneficial for tech-savvy drivers who value performance and innovation.

In terms of gadgetry, it retains all the key tech features, including Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatibility, a touchscreen navigation system, and steering-mounted controls. It is the most feature-rich in the compact SUV segment in our list.

The variant also includes a rear parking camera and a manual seating adjustment feature, adding to its comfort and convenience. While it doesn’t have climate control, the presence of rear AC vents ensures passenger comfort. If you’re a style-conscious buyer, you can read our comparison of the Hyundai Venue with Tata Nexon.

Best Hyundai Venue Variants Under Rs 12 Lakh for Tech-savvy Gadget Lovers

The Top 3 Choices

  1. Hyundai Venue S Opt Turbo DCT
  2. Hyundai Venue SX
  3. Hyundai Venue SX DT
Attributes S Opt Turbo DCT SX SX DT
Bluetooth Connectivity (Android Auto, Apple CarPlay) Yes Yes Yes
Keyless Entry Yes Yes Yes
Rear Parking Camera Yes Yes Yes
Touchscreen Navigation Yes Yes Yes
Transmission – Auto Type DCT None None

How to Pick the Right Car for You?

  • If you want a dual-clutch transmission, then the Hyundai Venue S Opt Turbo DCT is the right choice due to its DCT feature.
  • The SX and SX DT variants also offer a competitive set of tech features. Although they lack internet connectivity, they compensate with comfort features like climate control (SX and SX DT) and rear AC vents.

In terms of tech-savvy features, these three choices stand out from the rest. All three variants carry the essentials for a tech-savvy gadget lover. However, the S Opt Turbo DCT stands out for its unique DCT feature. The SX and SX DT, though lacking this, still offer a valuable mix of tech and comfort features at a more affordable price.

Best Hyundai Venue Variants Under Rs 12 Lakh for Tech-savvy Gadget Lovers
Hyundai Venue

Let us know which one you liked the most in the comments. If you’re interested in reading more such face-to-face comparisons of popular car variants, head over to our Buying Advice section.

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