Hyundai Venue N Line vs MG Astor: Comparing Their Variants Priced Rs 12-14 Lakh for Performance Enthusiasts

Hyundai Venue N Line vs MG Astor

What are some of the best performance cars, or top sports cars in India? What makes them high-performance car models? Today, we are looking at the Hyundai Venue N Line and MG Astor. Let’s see how their variants compare with each other in terms of performance.

In this article, we will share

  • What a performance enthusiast should look for in a car
  • Hyundai Venue N Line vs MG Astor – a comprehensive analysis of their variants, performance and features
  • How to pick the right car for you

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What a Performance Enthusiast Looks for in a Car

Here’s what to look for in a car as a performance enthusiast:

  • Acceleration and Speed – How quickly a car accelerates, what is its top speed
  • Power – How it pulls weight, how is its high speed stability, does it feel strained while going up the hills, or with AC on
  • Agility – How it behaves while turning at speeds
  • Driving Experience/Handling – Is the gearbox smooth and responsive, how is its steering/braking performance

Performance enthusiasts prioritize cars that offer an exhilarating driving experience. Key features include high-speed stability, minimal body roll, and responsive agility. A powerful engine with minimal turbo lag and quick power delivery is essential. They prefer a car with a responsive transmission system for seamless power transition. 

A well-tuned suspension system for precise handling, along with advanced safety features like traction control and electronic stability control (ESC), is also crucial. The interior should complement the performance with a quality audio system and an intuitive touchscreen interface.

Why Hyundai Venue N Line and MG Astor are Popular

The Hyundai Venue N Line and MG Astor are popular among performance enthusiasts for distinct reasons. 

The Hyundai Venue N Line, with its turbocharged engine and advanced DCT transmission, offers peppy performance and agile handling, making it a favorite for spirited city driving and highway cruising. Its pronounced agility and good high-speed stability are complemented by modern amenities like LED headlights and a premium Bose audio system.

MG Astor, on the other hand, impresses with its stable handling, minimal body roll, and agile performance. It stands out with its linear power delivery, light clutch, and responsive steering, offering a balanced and enjoyable driving experience. 

The MG Astor also offers a range of advanced features, including LED headlights and a sophisticated infotainment system, adding to its appeal.

Hyundai Venue N Line and MG Astor Variants Shortlist in Rs 12-14 Lakh Range

For Hyundai Venue N Line, we have:

Variant Price (INR) as on 1 December 2023
N8 Turbo DT ₹13,11,000
N8 turbo DCT ₹13,75,000
N8 Turbo DCT DT ₹13,90,000

For MG Astor, we have:

Variant Price (INR) as on 1 December 2023
Super ₹12,52,000
Smart EX ₹13,82,000
Super CVT ₹13,94,000

Hyundai Venue N Line N8 Turbo DT

Offers agile handling and good high-speed stability, making it ideal for enthusiasts who value performance in urban settings. We have also compared the Venue N Line with Kia Sonet for performance enthusiasts.

Hyundai Venue N Line N8 turbo DCT

Steps up with a dual-clutch transmission, enhancing the driving experience with smoother and quicker gear shifts.

Hyundai Venue N Line N8 turbo DCT DT

The top variant combines all the features of the N8 turbo DCT with additional luxury and technology features, offering the best of performance and comfort.

MG Astor Super

Provides a balanced performance with its stable handling and linear power delivery, suitable for enthusiasts who prefer a more refined driving experience. If you’re a tech-savvy gadget lover, you can check our comparison of the Astor with Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara.

MG Astor Smart EX

Adds advanced features like synthetic leather upholstery and a larger touchscreen, enhancing the overall driving experience.

MG Astor Super CVT

This variant, with its CVT transmission, offers a different driving dynamic, suited for those who prefer smooth, linear acceleration without the feel of gear shifts.

Our Pick for the Best Variant Among Hyundai Venue N Line and MG Astor for Performance Enthusiasts

The Hyundai Venue N Line N8 Turbo DCT DT stands out as the best option for a performance enthusiast when comparing the variants of Hyundai Venue N Line and MG Astor. This selection is based on several critical factors:

  1. Engine Performance: It is equipped with a turbocharged engine, offering 118.41 BHP and 172 Nm of torque, ensuring quick and peppy performance.
  2. Transmission: The dual-clutch transmission (DCT) in this variant provides faster and smoother gear shifts, crucial for an engaging driving experience and rapid acceleration.
  3. High-Speed Stability and Agility: The car offers stable high-speed performance and pronounced agility, making it well-suited for both spirited city driving and highway cruising.
  4. Advanced Features: It comes loaded with premium features like a Bose audio system, LED headlights, and synthetic leather upholstery, enhancing both the driving experience and comfort.
  5. Safety and Convenience: With features like 6 airbags, ESC, and modern infotainment systems, it ensures a blend of safety, technology, and convenience, making it an all-rounder in the performance segment.

These attributes make the Hyundai Venue N Line N8 Turbo DCT DT a compelling choice for performance enthusiasts who seek a balance of power, handling, and sophisticated features.

The Top 3 Choices

  1. Hyundai Venue N Line N8 Turbo DCT DT
  2. MG Astor Super CVT
  3. Hyundai Venue N Line N8 turbo DCT
Attributes Hyundai Venue N Line N8 Turbo DCT DT MG Astor Super CVT Hyundai Venue N Line N8 turbo DCT
Engine Power (BHP) 118.41 108.49 118.41
Engine Torque (Nm) 172 144 172
Transmission DCT CVT DCT
High-Speed Stability Stable Stable Stable
Agility Pronounced Agile Pronounced
Turbocharging Yes No Yes
Airbags (number) 6 2 6
LED Headlights Yes Yes Yes
Audio System (Brand) Bose OEM Bose
Price (INR) ₹13,90,000 ₹13,94,000 ₹13,75,000

How to Pick the Right Car for You

  • The Hyundai Venue N Line N8 Turbo DCT DT is the top choice for its superior performance, transmission, and feature set. 
  • The MG Astor Super CVT, despite its slightly lower engine power, offers a different driving experience with its CVT transmission and is a great option for those who prefer a smoother drive. 
  • The Hyundai Venue N Line N8 turbo DCT, with similar performance characteristics to the top variant but at a slightly lower price point, makes it an attractive alternative.

These three variants collectively provide a mix of exhilarating performance, advanced technology, and driving comfort, making them appealing choices for performance enthusiasts seeking a comprehensive driving experience.

If you’re interested in reading more such face-to-face comparisons of popular car variants, head over to our Buying Advice section.

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