Kia Seltos: Comparing Variants Under Rs 14 Lakh for Family-Focused Buyers

As a family man, you consider only the best family cars in India when deciding on which one to buy. Today, let’s look at Kia Seltos, and find out what makes it a family-friendly car model in India.
In this article, we will share

  • What family-focused buyers look for in a car
  • Kia Seltos – a detailed analysis of its features, space, and safety
  • How to pick the right car for you

The Seltos is a spacious car with comfortable interiors, and safety features. It’s also packed with features that will appeal to the family man.

What a Family-focused car buyer looks for in a car

Here’s what a family-focused buyer should look for in car:

  • Safety – A car must have essential safety features, and a good safety rating
  • Space and comfort – The car must have ample space to accommodate all family members, and must include convenience features like rear AC vents
  • Ride and handling – The car’s ride and handling need to be good

For a family-focused car buyer, safety reigns supreme. Families seek vehicles equipped with advanced safety features such as ABS, airbags, and electronic stability control.

Kia Seltos: Comparing Variants Under Rs 14 Lakh for Family-Focused Buyers
Kia Seltos

Space is equally critical, with ample legroom, headroom, and a sizable boot capacity for luggage and groceries being key considerations in top family cars. High-speed stability ensures peace of mind during long journeys.

Moreover, convenience attributes like power windows, rear AC vents, and rear parking sensors enhance the driving experience. Lastly, value for money and durability remain crucial factors for this segment of buyers.

Why Kia Seltos is Popular

Kia Seltos has carved its niche in the competitive SUV market, and its popularity among family-focused buyers is no accident. Firstly, the car offers robust safety features including multiple airbags, ABS, and a commendable GNCAP rating, ensuring maximum protection for occupants.

Kia Seltos: Comparing Variants Under Rs 14 Lakh for Family-Focused Buyers
Kia Seltos

Its spacious interiors, accentuated by ample legroom and headroom, cater to the comfort needs of every family member. The spacious boot can easily accommodate luggage for those family trips.

Moreover, Seltos provides a stable drive, even at high speeds, reassuring parents about the safety of their loved ones. With its blend of safety, space, and style, family-focused buyers gravitate towards the Kia Seltos.

Kia Seltos Variants Shortlist in Rs 10-14 Lakh Range

Variant Price (INR) as on 18 August 2023
HTE Diesel iMT ₹120,0000
HTK ₹123,9000
HTK Plus ₹131,0000
HTK Diesel iMT ₹136,9000

Kia Seltos HTE Diesel iMT

Priced at ₹12,00,000, this variant offers essential safety features like 6 airbags, ABS, and Electronic Stability Control. The stable high-speed performance and spacious interiors with a generous boot capacity make it suitable for families. While it lacks some convenience features like touchscreen navigation, its price offers value for families looking for safety on a budget.

Kia Seltos: Comparing Variants Under Rs 14 Lakh for Family-Focused Buyers
Kia Seltos

Kia Seltos HTK

For just ₹3,90,000 more than the HTE variant, the HTK offers all the safety and space benefits of the HTE but introduces an 8-inch touchscreen, improving the driving experience. You can read our comparison of the Seltos with Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara and Toyota Urban Cruiser Hyryder for the performance enthusiast.

Kia Seltos HTK Plus

This variant, priced at ₹13,10,000, builds on the HTK offering by enhancing the infotainment system. Families would appreciate the added convenience, making it a contender for those willing to invest a bit more for a richer experience. If you appreciate tech and gadgets in a car, you can read our comparison of the Seltos with Skoda Kushaq.

Kia Seltos: Comparing Variants Under Rs 14 Lakh for Family-Focused Buyers
Kia Seltos

Kia Seltos HTK Diesel iMT

The most expensive on the list at ₹13,69,000, this variant offers the benefits of diesel efficiency combined with the features of the HTK variant. Families who prioritize fuel efficiency without compromising on features might gravitate towards this option. If you’re a performance enthusiast, you can check out our comparison of the Seltos with Hyundai Verna.

Kia Seltos: Comparing Variants Under Rs 14 Lakh for Family-Focused Buyers
Kia Seltos interior

Our Pick for the Best Kia Seltos variant for Family-focused car buyers

The Kia Seltos HTK Plus stands out as the best variant for the family-focused car buyer. Balancing price with an array of features, it offers the quintessential safety features families seek, including 6 airbags, ABS, and Electronic Stability Control.

Its spacious dimensions ensure comfort for every family member, and the ample boot space is perfect for family trips. What sets the HTK Plus apart is its enhanced 8-inch touchscreen infotainment system, which elevates the driving and passenger experience.

While slightly pricier than its preceding models, the incremental cost is justified by the added features, making it the optimal blend of safety, convenience, and value for money. In short, it is the right car on our list for a family man.

The Top 3 choices

  1. Kia Seltos HTK Plus
  2. Kia Seltos HTK Diesel iMT
  3. Kia Seltos HTK
Attribute HTK Plus HTK Diesel iMT HTK
Airbags (number) 6 6 6
ABS Yes Yes Yes
High-Speed Stability Stable Stable Stable
Boot Capacity (liters) 433 433 433
Ground Clearance (mm) 190 190 190
Legroom Yes Yes Yes
Power Windows – Back Yes Yes Yes
Rear AC Vents Yes Yes Yes

How to Pick the Right Car for You

  • The HTK Plus variant not only ensures safety with six airbags, ABS, and a stable high-speed experience, but also adds a touch of luxury and convenience. It has an 8-inch touchscreen infotainment system, and good boot capacity.
  • For families who take long drives or are concerned about fuel economy, the HTK Diesel iMT is a compelling choice. It retains all the features of the HTK variant, making it a great mix of efficiency and functionality.
  • The HTK variant represents a balance between affordability and essential features. It doesn’t compromise on safety or comfort, making it ideal for families on a tighter budget but still wanting a car that doesn’t skimp on the necessities.

In summary, each of these variants offers something unique for the family-focused buyer. The HTK Plus is for those who value added conveniences, the HTK Diesel iMT appeals to those who prioritize fuel efficiency, and the HTK is for families seeking a balance between cost and essential features.

If you’re interested in reading more such guides to popular car variants, head over to our Buying Advice section.

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