Renault Kiger’s Best Variants Under Rs 9 Lakh for the Style-conscious: A Deep Dive

Renault Kiger

For a style-conscious car buyer, looks matter – both on the inside as well as the outside. Their car’s style quotient should be high, and it should be a head-turner on the road. Let’s look at Renault Kiger, a compact SUV, and find out what makes it a stylish car.

In this article, we will share

  • What a style-conscious buyer looks for in a car
  • Renault Kiger – a comprehensive look at its external design, features, interiors and space
  • How to pick the right car for you

The Kiger’s style has earned praise, and it is aggressively priced as compared to its competitors like the Maruti Suzuki Brezza and Hyundai Venue. But is it worth buying? We find out.

Renault Kiger’s Best Variants Under Rs 9 Lakh for the Style-conscious: A Deep Dive
Renault Kiger

What a Style-conscious buyer looks for in a car

Here’s what a style-conscious buyer should look for in a car:

  • Design aesthetics – is the car well-designed, both outside and inside?
  • Convenience features – What convenience features does the car have?
  • Road presence – How does the car look on the road? Is it distinctive/good-looking/stylish?

A style-conscious buyer prioritizes aesthetics, modernity, and sophistication in a vehicle. When looking for the best-designed cars, they are attracted to a sleek overall design, sculpted body lines, glossy paint finish, and harmonious color coordination in both exterior and interior aspects.

The interior should exhibit a modern dashboard design, quality material, and ideally, dual-tone color scheme. For them, eye-catching features like LED DRLs, alloy wheels, and distinctive headlight and taillight designs add to the car’s appeal.

In addition, up-to-date tech amenities, such as a well-equipped touchscreen and voice-activated controls, are important for convenience and an enhanced driving experience.

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Why Renault Kiger is Popular

Renault Kiger has quickly gained popularity among style-conscious buyers due to its unique blend of style, sophistication, and advanced features. With its sculpted body lines and sleek exterior, the Kiger exudes a modern and dynamic look that turns heads.

The interior boasts a modern dashboard design and premium quality materials that speak to this persona’s discerning taste. Its keyless entry, touch screen navigation, and voice-activated controls, alongside an array of driver assistance features, elevate the driving experience to match its aesthetic appeal.

The alloy wheel option further adds a luxurious touch, reinforcing Kiger’s position as a stylish choice for the style-conscious buyer. The Kiger can be considered among the top cars with great design in India.

Renault Kiger’s Best Variants Under Rs 9 Lakh for the Style-conscious: A Deep Dive

Renault Kiger Variants Shortlist in Rs 7-9 Lakh Range

Variant Price (INR) as on 24 July 2023
RXT ₹ 792,000
RXT Opt ₹ 800,000
RXZ ₹ 880,000

Renault Kiger RXT

Renault Kiger RXT, priced at ₹ 792,000, presents a compelling proposition for style-conscious buyers. It boasts sculpted body lines, a sleek overall design, a glossy paint finish, and a modern interior with a conventional dashboard design. It also includes keyless entry and touchscreen navigation, making it a practical yet stylish choice. We also have our guide to the best Kiger variants for budget-conscious buyers.

Renault Kiger RXT Opt

The Renault Kiger RXT Opt, priced slightly higher at ₹ 800,000, builds on the base model’s offerings by incorporating alloy wheels. This not only enhances the visual appeal but also improves handling and performance, thus making the vehicle more enticing for style-conscious buyers. If you’re a safety-conscious buyer, you can read our comparison of the Kiger with Nissan Magnite.

Renault Kiger RXZ

Finally, Renault Kiger RXZ, priced at ₹ 880,000, steps up the game with LED headlights, which not only add to the aesthetic appeal but also provide better visibility, making it a blend of style and safety that would appeal to style-conscious buyers.

Renault Kiger’s Best Variants Under Rs 9 Lakh for the Style-conscious: A Deep Dive
Renault Kiger profile

Our Pick for the Best Renault Kiger variant for Style-conscious buyers

The Renault Kiger RXZ emerges as the best option for style-conscious buyers. Despite being the priciest, it provides value for money by encompassing all the attributes that appeal to this persona.

Its sleek design, LED headlights, and alloy wheels combine to offer a visually appealing exterior. Inside, it maintains the modern aesthetic with a stylish dashboard and comfortable seating upholstered in cloth.

The added conveniences of keyless entry, touchscreen navigation, and voice-activated controls make it more than just a pretty face. It is indeed a vehicle that offers a perfect blend of style and substance. We also have our comparison of the Kiger with Nissan Magnite for first-time car buyers.

The Three Variants Ranked

The three Renault Kiger variants for style-conscious buyers can be ranked as the RXZ, RXT Opt, and RXT.

How to Pick the Right Car for You?

  • The RXZ, with its LED headlights and alloy wheels, presents the most stylish option.
  • The RXT Opt follows closely, sharing many of the RXZ’s style points, including alloy wheels, but lacks LED headlights.
  • The RXT, while not having alloy wheels or LED headlights, does maintain a stylish profile and offers keyless entry and touchscreen navigation.
Renault Kiger’s Best Variants Under Rs 9 Lakh for the Style-conscious: A Deep Dive
Renault Kiger front

In conclusion, all three variants offer an appealing mix of design, comfort, and high-tech features, making them an excellent choice for style-conscious buyers.

Let us know which one you liked the most in the comments. If you’re interested in reading more such face-to-face comparisons of popular car variants, head over to our Buying Advice section.