Cab driver blocks bus on expressway, beats up driver: Arrested [Video]

An argument between a bus driver and a cab driver in Uttar Pradesh took an ugly turn when both of them indulged in an incident of road rage, in which the latter, along with an acquaintance assaulted the bus driver with verbal abuses and a stick. However, showing no delay in taking suitable action, the UP Police have arrested the cab driver and his acquaintance for physically assaulting the bus driver.

Road rage on Yamuna Expressway

The entire tussle between an Uttar Pradesh Roadways bus driver and a cab driver and his acquaintance took place on Yamuna Expressway, which got recorded by another passer-by in another vehicle. The bus was travelling from Noida to Mathura. According to the eyewitnesses and the official statement given by the bus driver, the cab driver and his acquaintance were frustrated by the bus driver, as the latter was not given aside to the cab driver while driving on the expressway.

After some time, the cab driver overtook the bus hastily and stopped in front of it. Two men, who have been identified as Qasim (cab driver) and his brother Raanu (acquaintance) got out of the car and move toward the bus driver to confront him. After a few seconds, the cab driver started hurling abuses at the bus driver, while his acquaintance rushed towards the cab to fetch a stick.

Cab driver blocks bus on expressway, beats up driver: Arrested [Video]

Soon after, the cab driver and his acquaintance started physically assaulting the bus driver by beating him with a stick. During all this, the bus driver and the other passengers travelling on the bus remain seated inside the bus. After a few seconds, the acquaintance starts beating the bus driver.

Video became viral

The person who recorded the video uploaded it on his Twitter handle while tagging the Twitter account of UP Police. Several people re-shared the video and started questioning the status of law and order and actions to be taken in such a grave example of road rage. Showing prompt action on this incident, UP Police started investigating the matter and arrested Qasim and Raanu under sections 332 (voluntarily causing hurt to a public servant), 353 (assaulting a public servant), 504 (intentional insult) and a few other sections of the Indian Penal Code.

While giving his official statement to the media, Gautam Budh Nagar Police Commissioner Alok Singh said that the license of the cab driver has been suspended for rash driving, and his cab has been confiscated by the police. Further investigations will be done based on relevant evidence-based on the complaint filed by the bus driver Lokesh Singh.

This incident once again proved that it is better to avoid instances of road rage and patiently drive on public roads while following all the road safety norms and laws.

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