Cab driver intentionally hits biker after argument: Video goes viral

Road rage has emerged as a prevalent issue on Indian roads, causing disturbances not only for the parties involved but also for other motorists. In a recent incident from Tamil Nadu, a cab driver intentionally collided with a motorcycle after a heated argument in the middle of the road.

The incident came to light through a Twitter user named ‘Dr. Sheik,’ who shared a video capturing the altercation. The footage shows a confrontation between a cab driver in a Maruti Suzuki Tour S and a Royal Enfield Bullet 350 rider. The Twitter user, riding his Yamaha YZF-R15, recorded the incident on his action camera while following behind both vehicles.

The video begins with the Bullet rider engaged in a verbal dispute with the cab driver as they continued on their respective paths. The exact cause of the argument remains unknown, but it is evident that the Bullet rider confronted the cab driver, who responded in an equally provoking manner.

Cab driver intentionally hits biker after argument: Video goes viral

However, to everyone’s surprise, the cab driver, driven by frustration, abruptly rammed into the Bullet rider while they were arguing. The impact momentarily disrupted the Bullet rider’s balance, but he managed to regain control and prevent a fall. Unfortunately, his bag mounted on the motorcycle fell to the ground due to the collision.

After stabilizing his motorcycle, the Bullet rider pulled over to the side of the road to retrieve his fallen bag. The cab driver also stopped his vehicle and stepped out, intensifying the confrontation. Although they did not resort to physical violence, their verbal argument escalated. Eventually, the Bullet rider decided to leave the scene without taking any legal action against the cab driver for the collision.

Cause remains unknown

It remains unclear who initiated the argument in the first place. However, the cab driver should not have resorted to hitting the motorcycle rider and taking matters into his own hands. Had the rider fallen and sustained injuries, the situation could have been far more grave for the cab driver, potentially leading to fatal consequences.

By following these tips, you can minimize the chances of being involved in a road rage incident and contribute to a safer and more peaceful driving environment for everyone.

Avoid aggression: If someone displays aggressive behavior on the road, do not engage or retaliate. Stay focused on your own driving and maintain a safe distance from the aggressive driver. Remember, your safety is of utmost importance.

Avoid honking unnecessarily: Honking excessively can add to the tension on the road. Use your horn sparingly and only when necessary, such as to alert other drivers of potential danger.

Give way and be patient: If you encounter a situation where another driver is in a hurry or seems impatient, let them pass. Avoid blocking their way or engaging in confrontations. It’s better to prioritize safety and maintain a calm atmosphere.

Don’t take things personally: It’s important to remember that other drivers may be dealing with their own frustrations and stresses. Try not to take their actions personally or let it affect your mood. Stay focused on your journey and maintain a positive mindset.

Report aggressive behavior: If you witness extreme cases of road rage or aggressive driving that puts others in danger, report it to the appropriate authorities. Provide them with accurate details and, if possible, any evidence such as license plate numbers or videos.

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