You can rent this MASSIVE, super luxurious Cadillac Escalade Limousine right here in India [Video]

Cadillac Limo Featured

Limousines are not quite popular in India due to the confined road space and strict orders against modification. However, there are quite a few limousines that have been imported and are available for rent for various events and festivals. Here is one such original Cadillac Escalade limousine on TRACTOR FANS channel, which can be rented for personal use.

As per the video, the rent of the vehicle is Rs. 70,000 per day, which seems extreme but due to its rarity, the price is justified. The latest generation stretched Escalade in the USA would cost around Rs. 96 lakh and importing the vehicle to India will mean paying a tax of more than 110% value of the vehicle, which takes the total cost to more than Rs. 2 crores.

The video claims that it is an original Caddilac Escalade limousine that has been imported. It gets an Indian number plate and right-hand-drive set-up, which means the vehicle has been converted. Officially, Cadillac does not sell an extended version of the Escalade in the market but there are many such specialised garages that do such modification job to stretch the vehicles and converting them into limousines.

You can rent this MASSIVE, super luxurious Cadillac Escalade Limousine right here in India [Video]

The Cadillac Escalade seen in the video is also not the latest generation vehicle, it is from the yesteryears but looks like a beast nonetheless. It gets four doors with tinted windows. The cabin of the driver is separated by a partition that ensures complete privacy to the occupants. In the rear, the occupants can enjoy various amenities and luxuries.

The video also shows the interior of the vehicle and it gets leather bench seats that feel like plush sofas. It also gets a fully functional bar with a mini fridge. At the front, it gets a large LCD TV screen that can be used to play various videos through the multi-speaker system in the vehicle. The vehicle also gets ambient light set-up and the roof gets special lights that give the feel of a discotheque.

At the rear, the vehicle gets stickers that say that it is an original Cadillac, which has been imported from the USA. The other side of the vehicle also says “Long Vehicle”, a sticker, which we mostly seen on the long trucks.

It should be noted that many vehicles available in India have been modified into such stretched vehicles too. There are many modified Mahindra Scorpio and old-gen Ford Endeavours that have been spotted on the Indian roads. However, many of such modified vehicles get seized by the RTO department for illegal modifications. Altering the structure of a vehicle is not legal in India and a vehicle will have to get certified by ARAI to be able to legally operate on the road after modifications.