Can-Am Spyder trike on Indian roads makes people go crazy [Video]

There are several exotic cars and bikes that have been imported to India over the years. Can-Am Spyder is one such vehicle. Can-Am Spyder is actually a three-wheeled motorcycle or a trike which is manufactured by Can-Am motorcycles which is a division of Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP). Trikes are not commonly seen on Indian roads and whenever we spot one on road, people’s reaction is worth watching as well. We have Can-Am Spyder trike in India and there are several videos related to the same available online. Here we have a quick review video where vlogger talks how it feels to ride a Can-Am Spyder on Indian roads and also people’s reaction.

The video has been uploaded by BikeWithGirl on her YouTube channel. In this video, vlogger chose to ride the Can-Am Spyder because she got her leg injured and was unable to ride a two-wheeler for sometime. The Can-Am Spyder is a trike and the vlogger can easily ride without worrying about putting her foot down to balance the bike. The Can-Am Spyder looks huge and it won’t be wrong to compare the size with a Honda Gold Wing.

Vlogger takes the trike out for a spin on the roads of Mumbai and people immediately start noticing this bright yellow trike on the roads. The camera captures the reaction of pedestrians and other roads users. Some of them even stop the vlogger to click a picture. After riding the trike for some time, vlogger starts talking about it. The motorcycle or the trike is actually powered by a Rotax 1,330 cc, in-line three cylinder, liquid cooled engine that generates 115 Ps and 130 Nm of peak torque. The motorcycle is paired with a 5-speed semi-automatic gearbox. The gears are shifted using a paddle shifter on the left handle bar.

Can-Am Spyder trike on Indian roads makes people go crazy [Video]

The rider will have to manually upshift the gears while riding but the motorcycle will downshift automatically when the speed decreases. It comes with a car like instrument cluster with a small navigation screen in the centre. The instrument cluster looks all analog. Vlogger mentions that this trike is meant for long distance touring and not for city riding. It is huge and maneuvering the Can-Am through busy Mumbai roads is a task. It has power steering feature which comes in handy at times but because of the size, it cannot be squeezed in through tight spots which is usually accessible by a regular motorcycle.

She also speaks about the ground clearance on this motorcycle. It is lower than many of the supercars that are available in India. This means the rider has to be extremely careful while riding over speed breakers and broken roads. It also comes with a reverse gear which can be engaged using a button on the handle bar. There is only one brake pedal which controls all three wheels of the trike. There is no clutch lever or brake lever on the handle bar. The brake lever on the right hand side and has to be applied by foot. The cost of a Can-Am Spyder is almost Rs 80 lakh in India.