Can you drive a Tesla under water? Watch a Youtuber do just this

Electric cars are the future of mobility in India and around the world. One of the most popular manufacturer of electric vehicles is Tesla and they have a variety of models in their line up. Earlier this year Tesla announced that they are entering India market officially and they’ll be most likely launching Tesla Model 3 and Model Y in India. There are lot of videos available on the internet where YouTubers are seen doing experiments with Tesla and here we have one such video. In this video the vlogger actually drives a Tesla Model S Plaid under water. How did it perform? Let’s have a look at the video.

The video has been uploaded by Chillin’ with Chet on his YouTube channel. The vlogger has been doing similar experiments on his Tesla and in the latest video he tries to drive the car through a pool of water to see if it can handle that or not.

The interiors were completely stripped down for this purpose. Even the seats were removed and temporary seat was installed for the driver. Once the interior was stripped down, the car became light and in such a condition, it cannot actually sink. In order solve this problem they added more weight inside the car so that it remains in contact with the bottom of the pool.

Can you drive a Tesla under water? Watch a Youtuber do just this

For this experiment, the vlogger dug a hole and created a pool. He filled water in it and then prepared the Tesla. The doors, frunk and the trunk were all sealed using tape. This was done in order to avoid water from getting inside the car. The bumpers and air vents also got wrapped in similar material.

Once the car was prepared, the vlogger sat in and slowly approached the pool. In first attempt he drove the car into the pool but, the air trapped at the front was not letting the car sink properly. So he asked his team on radio to pull him out. Safety precautions were taken and the car was tied with a rope on both ends if in case anything goes wrong. The car was pulled out and then they realised that the tape on the front bumper should be removed to sink the car.

He removed the tape and then drove it into the pool once again. Vlogger stopped the car after the front entered and allowed the water to properly enter the front. Once that was done, he drove the car into the pool. The water was covering half of the windshield and some amount of water was getting inside as well.

The Tesla Model S Plaid however manage to come out without any problems. The car was working just fine but, after some time the steering on the car started vibrating on its own the touchscreen had also stopped responding. The vlogger called up the Tesla’s customer care and even they were not able to come up with a solution. Later in this video, the vlogger mentions that a day after he did this experiment, the car had started working just fine and he is now planning to do more experiments on it. This was definitely a fun video to watch but it is not recommended to do such experiments with Tesla or any other electric car.

Ajeesh Kuttan

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