Can you remove a car dent with just boiling water? This man can!

A dent on a car is every motorhead’s nightmare. The causes of a dent can be many, from bumping into someone to even a stray coconut taking fancy to your car. Fixing dents are often expensive, and also mean that your car will be out of action for a couple of days.

Can you remove a car dent with just boiling water? This man can!

[Image courtesy CentralOregonCarInsurance]


But bumper dents can be very, very easy to fix. Hot water is all it takes. Here, take a look for yourself.

This man has fixed a Toyota Prius’ bumper with nothing more than hot water, and some strategically applied muscle power. It works this way. The bumper is made of plastic, and boiling hot water makes plastic hot. After this, it’s simple high school chemistry. Thermo plastics can be reshaped when heated. This is the principle used by the man in the video, who simply presses the deformed bumper back into shape.

Will this dent removal technique work on all surfaces? Unfortunately, this technique can be used only on plastics, which can be reshaped by using heat. Metal does not respond in the same way to heat as plastic does. So, do NOT attempt to fix metal dents with boiling hot water. Yet, this trick is a nice one to know given the sizes of modern day car bumpers, and that get deformed quite easily.

Via Shifting-Gears