10 must-have car accessories under Rs. 500

Most of us who have a car love to customise it either on the outside or on the inside. We also try to buy some accessories for the car that gives it that personal touch. While some opt for accessories that improve aesthetics, others go for things that make life of the driver and passenger more comfortable. Here we have a list of affordable accessories that one can buy for their car online.

Mobile Phone Car Charger

Their is no doubt that we are becoming more and more dependent on our mobile phones and a phone dying due to low battery might actually sound like a nightmare to many. Even though most modern cars now offer fast charging and USB charging ports, these ports are actually either far away or less in numbers. This problem can be solved if you opt for a mobile phone car charger which can be connected to 12V socket. Find more like this on Amazon

Mobile Phone Mount

Some of the older cars lack touchscreen infotainment screen and smartphone connectivity features. In order to compensate for that people use navigation in their phones to move around. In that case a mobile phone mount is a must have accessory in your car so that you can have good look at the road while having a look at the route ahead. Find similar products on Amazon

Microfibre Car Cleaning Cloth

Microfibre car cleaning cloth easily cleans up the dust both from outside and inside the car. It is made of polyster and nylon material which makes it perfect solution for cleaning such surfaces. Find these on Amazon

Car Polish Liquid

if you are a person who loves taking care of a car by washing cleaning and polishing it. Then these car polishes are for you. These liquids give the surface a very special shine and there are lots of affordable options available in the market. Some of them are there for the shine whereas some even protect the paint underneath. Not just outside there are products to keep the interiors and even rims or tyres like brand new. More such products on Amazon

Seat Belt Cushion

These cushions are super easy to be installed and are very helpful for those who have children travelling with them. These cushions act as a pillow to the passenger if they feel sleepy and will not affect the mechanism of seat belt either. Buy seat belt cushions on Amazon.

Mini Trash bin

Nobody wants to sit in a car that is dirty from inside. Cleaning up a car from inside is often frustrating and the only way to keep it clean is by keeping this organised. One can by these small trash bins online and can put all their unwanted receipts, used tissues and other wastes inside and keep the interiors clean. Buy car trash bins on Amazon

Anti-slip Dashboard Mat

These anti-slip mats are available in different shapes, sizes and designs depending upon the price. They are generally made of gel like material and help keep things like mobile phones, keys or any other important item kept on dashboard in place. Buy on Amazon

Fire Extinguisher for Car

A small can of fire extinguisher a must have thing in ones car as you never know when it might come handy. It can easily be placed the co-passenger seat or even on the door pad. These things are now easily available in different sizes online. Buy on Amazon

Car Air Vents Cleaner

In current circumstances, a car air vent cleaner is quite important. It helps clean up the dust that gets accumulated inside the vents which can eventually be a haven for germs. This small and inexpensive brush reaches inside the air vents and cleans them properly. Buy on Amazon

Blind Spot Mirror

These small mirrors that are attached to the existing ORVMs of a car help the driver a lot by showing the vehicles in blind spot. These blind spot mirrors come in handy especially when you are driving on a very congested road. Buy blind spot mirrors on Amazon