Car and SUV Lounges from DC Design: Built on Maruti Swift to Toyota Innova Crysta

Dilip Chhabria (DC) is well-known for the many ultra-luxurious and feature-laden coaches he has created for our celebrities. He is also known for some really attention-grabbing cars, like the Tarzan and the Avanti. DC also offers interior updates for many Indian cars. These interior modifications work well to enhance the luxuriousness and/or the sportiness quotient of the cabins of our mainstream cars. In this post, here, we take a look at 10 DC Car and SUV lounges –

Toyota Fortuner

dc lounge toyota fortuner interior rear seat

Yes, the interior you see above belongs to a latest-generation Fortuner. As you can see, this lounge-like interior offers a really luxurious setup with electric reclining seats and a huge TV screen that separates the passenger area from the front seats. You also get a mini bar, ambient lighting, a premium entertainment system, and high-quality leather.

Toyota Innova Crysta

dc lounge toyota innova crysta interior rear seat

Here’s another highly luxurious interior by DC Design. The lounge-like setup you above belongs to a Toyota Innova Crysta. As you can see above, the interior gets a new white leather upholstery along with a lot of wood trim. You also get electric recliners, a TV screen, and a chiller. There’s a partition between the front and the rear seats to ensure the privacy of passengers in the rear.

Tata Aria

dc lounge tata aria interior rear seat

Tata once claimed that it’s really tough naming all the features inside the cabin of an Aria. However, DC decided that even so many features weren’t enough and hence, took matters into his own hands. The result? This lounge-like setup that can put to shame any luxury car twice the cost.

Mahindra XUV500

dc lounge mahindra xuv500 interior rear seat image

This luxurious-looking interior belongs to a Mahindra XUV500 SUV. As you can see, the middle and the last row of seats have been removed. Instead, you get two electric recliners that come draped in a tan leather upholstery. There’s a screen on the back of each of the front seats. The interior also gets ambient lighting and a new faux-wood trim.

Hindustan Ambassador

dc lounge hm ambassador interior rear seat

Yes, it is actually a Hindustan Motors Ambassador you see in the image above. As you can see, this modified Amby gets a new rear seat with leather upholstery, a lot of fake wood, rear aircon vents, a driver partition, tray tables and a couple of screens. Amazing!

Renault Duster

dc lounge renault duster interior rear seat image

Here’s another lounge-like setting for the interior of a mainstream Indian car. The cabin you see above belongs to a Renault Duster. It offers full reclining seats at the rear along with a screen on the back of each of the front seats. You also get a new beige-tan color theme for the interior. Neat!

Nissan Sunny

dc lounge nissan sunny interior seats image

Even the Nissan Sunny has been given the lounge treatment. It gets a new red-black color theme, with seats getting a full red leather upholstery. The rear gets two recliners and a chiller. There’s also a plenty of faux wood trim.

Ford EcoSport

dc modified ford ecosport interior

The interior you see above belongs to a pre-facelift EcoSport that has been modified by DC Design. While there’s nothing radical about this interior, it does get a new beige-black color theme that makes the cabin look more upmarket.

Maruti Swift

DC Design's Maruti Suzuki Swift Custom Interiors

Here’s a last-generation Maruti Swift that has been given the DC-treatment. It gets a white-black color interior with many bright red accents. The new interior color theme infuses a lot of freshness and sportiness with the design.

Nissan Evalia

dc lounge hyundai elantra interior rear seat

Here is another interior that has got sportier after the DC touch. Seen in the above image is the cabin of a modified last-generation Hyundai Elantra that gets a red-black colour theme. The new colour combination makes the cabin look a lot more sportier.