Car crashes after driver gets distracted by passing BMW on wet road

Public roads are not for racing and this video shows why. After a spell of rain, the driver of this hatchback decided to follow a BMW X6 on wet roads and paid the price. Here is what happened.

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The video is taken from inside the car but we are not sure of the exact location. It shows a BMW X6 taking fast turns and speeding ahead on the road. The driver of the hatchback decides to give it a chase. He also starts to drive haphazardly and gets stuck in traffic.

Meanwhile, the BMW X6 speeds ahead and crosses the traffic signal. The driver of the hatchback gets stuck behind a Force Traveller and as soon as he gets some space, he starts accelerating. However, the traffic signal turns to red and the truck in front of him in the lane comes to a halt. The driver of the hatchback could not apply the brakes on time and crashed into the truck. It was a relatively slow-speed accident so no injuries are reported.

It seems like the driver of the hatchback got distracted. Or it is also possible that the car did not slow down on time due to the wet roads.

Driving on wet roads

Car crashes after driver gets distracted by passing BMW on wet road

One should know that the braking distance on wet roads increases due to loss of traction. This is why one should be extremely careful while driving in such situations. Also, the BMW X6 comes equipped with some advanced bits of electronics like ESP, traction control and many more such high-end safety features that make the car much more stable on wet roads compared to the basic hatchback.

Also, high-end cars offer broader tyres, which means more contact surfaces between the road and the tarmac. The higher contact surface automatically increases the traction and offers better control.

Driving on wet roads can be tricky due to many reasons. Apart from lower traction, the rain washes a lot of oils and fluids to the road which further makes it slippery and causes the braking distance to increase.

Changing direction abruptly on wet surfaces also causes similar problems. One can easily skid on such surfaces. In fact, there is also a danger of aquaplaning on wet roads.

When water submerges the entire tire, the contact between the road and the tire is disrupted, resulting in uncontrollable sliding. Car drivers struggle to maintain control of the vehicle, and even the brakes become ineffective as the car remains suspended above the water, unable to make contact with the road surface.

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