5 unexpected DANGERS that can cause car crashes!

Driving is an activity which every grown up in this world needs to know properly. Since the time  of automated transportation is still some time away, get oneself well versed in this enjoyable activity is a must. However, there are some things which come as unexpected and can baffle even the most practiced drivers.

As it has always been said, a good driver is not a person who knows how to drive well but the one who knows how to keep out of danger while behind the wheel. Even after following all rules, there are some unexpected issues which can cause accidents and causalities. Here are five such unexpected dangers which can cause crashes.

Rolling objects lying around car

Dangerous Objects In Car

Cylindrical rolling objects like water bottles and tennis balls among other things are a hazard to your car. This is because if set loose, they can get in the driver footwell and position themselves beneath a control pedal, all ready to bounce your foot off it when you press it. There have been many cases of water bottles getting under brake pedals and causing big accidents. This is something that can be easily avoided by keeping such things in cubby holes or other storage areas from where they can’t jump out and start rolling across the car.

ill fitting floor mats

Ill Fitting Floor Mats 2

Like rolling objects, ill fitting floor mats too can be hazardous to your car. Imagine a situation where you need to press the clutch or accelerator but can’t due to the floor mat interfering with the pedal. This happens more often than you think and can create a havoc in heavy traffic conditions. Therefore, always get good floor mats or carpets and keep them well fitted. Also, when you clean the floor mats, make sure to place them properly or else they start moving around.

Cheap or old steering covers

Worn Out Steering Wheel

Any part in a car that is old and worn out is a potential mishap creator. However, steering wheels in particular get neglected when it comes to taking care of the car. Old and worn out steering covers are very dangerous, more than you can think of it. They can lead to hand injury and in worst case, loss of control leading to unfortunate accidents. Steering covers are among the cheapest accessory for cars and can be easily bought for a few hundred bucks. Therefore, check whether your steering has any irregular patches or is too slippery. If so, go get a new one as soon as possible.

Wearing improper footwear while driving

Flip Flop Danger

This is something that is done on regular basis by many. Wearing flip-flops and other loose footwear while driving may not seem as a threat normally but actually can be extremely dangerous. What happens is that during the time of high pedal engagement (high traffic etc), they can come off the foot and anchor themselves on the pedal. This leads to ill functioning of the affected pedal due to lack of pressure and eventually leads to causality. Therefore, always make sure that you are wearing fitting shoes or sandals while you drive. If its an emergency, remove your flip flops and keep them on the passenger side footwell. Driving barefoot is actually quite effective and less dangerous than with loose foot wear on.

Improper sitting posture

Correct Seating Posture While Driving

Another important aspect driving that is often overlooked. Driving means your full attention should be on the road and towards controlling your car, rather than sitting back and relaxing and let fate do its job. Crouching forwards of sitting too far behind both are bad positions to drive in. This is because in case of an emergency, improper seating position leads to lack of leverage over the pedals. Also, it creates blind spots which can lead to accidents. The correct posture is to bend the elbows and knees slightly while keeping the back straight.