No decoration is allowed inside the car: Government

Any kind of decoration is banned inside cars as per a new direction by the government in Kerala. Decorations of any kind that obstruct the view of the driver will not be allowed in the state. The government has issued directions to the transport commissioner to take actions against any car that carry such decorations.

No decoration is allowed inside the car: Government

There are many who hang decorations like artefacts and garlands on the interior review mirror of the vehicle. This obstructs the vision of the driver and leads to accidents. The authorities have also made it illegal to keep decorations like dolls, cushions and other items on the rear parcel tray of the vehicle. Even that causes obstruction of the view and can be dangerous when a vehicle meets an accident too.

The Kerala MVD is already acting on the High Court order to take action against the vehicles with sun films and curtains. Even the government vehicles have to comply with the new order and remove curtains or sun films from the windows of the official vehicles.

What can go wrong with decorations in the car?

No decoration is allowed inside the car: Government

Apart from the obvious that these decorations obstruct the view of the driver that can lead to accidents, these decorations can be dangerous. That’s because most of these decorations are loosely placed and are not secured. If an accident happens, these decorations, especially the small toys can become projectiles and hit you. With the unsecured projectiles, the chances of injuries can rise even higher. That is why it is always better to keep any small thing that you keep in the vehicle in a more secure way.

Even small things like mobile phones and wallets should be secured and kept in the glove box or if the vehicle has a specific place to keep it, then one should use that. Accidents do not happen often but when they do, these objects can injure you even more.

The same goes for the luggage. It is always a good idea to keep the luggage inside the boot and not keep it in the rear seat or front seat. If the luggage is kept in the rear seat unsecured, it can hit the front passengers with extreme force during head-on accidents. If you keep it on the co-driver seat, it can trigger airbag opening in case of a frontal collision. So the best way to secure the luggage is to keep it inside the boot.

Should you not decorate the car then?

You should if you want but properly and securely. Any decoration that creates an obstruction of view is a big no. If using decorations like a small idol on the dashboard, please ensure that it is safely secured to the dashboard. Other safe decoration ideas include seat covers, stickers and even paper decorations that cannot become projectiles during a collision. We feel that is a good move by Kerala government and other states should follow the same.