You’re NOT opening the door of the car correctly [Video]

How can something that is as simple as opening the door of a car can go wrong, right? Well, you will be surprised to know that you are possibly doing it wrong and it is quite dangerous. Well, most Indian motorists with a valid driving license do not get formal training and that is why many motorists do things unintentionally that they think is the right way but it is clearly not. How opening car doors in the wrong way can be dangerous? Well, let’s find out.

The most common mistake that most people make while opening the door is to just throw it open suddenly, especially on busy roads without checking the rear. Most motorists do not check the rear of the vehicle before opening the door, which causes major accidents. The problem is very evident on the Indian roads but it is as much as a problem elsewhere in the world.

You’re NOT opening the door of the car correctly [Video]

The video above shows a car parked near the kerb of a busy road. The car is parked in the designated area but when the person comes out of the vehicle, he does not bother to look around and check if a pedestrian or a bike is behind him. A bicycle rider riding towards the car suddenly sees the door opening but could not react in time. He crashes with the door and gets away with minor injuries.

If only the driver had looked around before opening the door, he would have seen the cyclist and would have been much more careful. The driver of the vehicle is not alone in making this mistake. Billions make the same mistake around the world and cause accidents with pedestrians, bikers and cyclists. In fact, there is a CCTV footage that shows three riders on a motorcycle riding through a narrow road. The driver of a car that is parked on the side opens the door suddenly and the riders crash into it and fall down on the road. A truck coming from the opposite direction crushes one of the riders.

What is the solution?

Dutch Reach. Yes, it is developed in the country which is home to Amsterdam, where the number of cycles is more than the number of population of the city. Therefore the need to protect the pedestrians and cyclists from potential accidents from other automobiles is even more. Dutch Reach is taught in every school in the Netherlands. It is nothing but a technique to open the door of your car in a safer way. If everyone starts practising Dutch Reach, such accidents can be easily avoided.

The video explains the Dutch Reach. It encourages you to open your car door safely. Instead of using the hand closest to the door, reach across with the hand furthest from the door. By using this method, you naturally tend to turn your body towards the window, helping you to get a complete view of your, otherwise blind spots. It also slows down the speed at which you open the door, rather than just swinging it open at one go. It’s easy, next time you park your car and are about to get out of your car, practice the Dutch reach.