You’re not opening the door of the car correctly: How to do it right?

Getting a driving license in India is not a tough job. Most of the states do not have a proper training facility and the driving tests are not so difficult too. Did you know that you might be opening your car door in the wrong way? You will be surprised to know that you are indeed doing it wrong and it can be dangerous as well.

Every other day, we get to see footage of people opening the door in the wrong way on the roads that can cause accidents. Below is a video that shows a Toyota Innova parked at a roadside. A guy on a scooter, who had no idea that someone can come out of the car was on his way when suddenly the driver of the Innova opened the door.

The rider on the scooter hit the door and fell down on the road. While the scooterist behind him stopped in time and the person did not sustain major injuries but many h times, such accidents can horribly wrong, especially if there is a big vehicle coming from behind.

Most people do not check the rear of the vehicle when opening the door and it can be extremely dangerous as we have seen in the video. Motorists face this problem around the world and it is not only limited to the Indian roads.

You will find many videos that show such accidents and cause major accidents from around the world. Is there a solution? Yes, there is. To save people from getting injured in this way, Netherlands has developed a technique called the Dutch Reach.

Dutch Reach

Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands has a dense population of cyclists. In fact, the number of cycles in this city is more than the number of residents. To save the cyclists from such accidents, the Dutch have developed this new technique and it is becoming popular around the world.

Dutch Reach is taught in every school in the Netherlands. It is a simple technique that can save many people from such accidents. How does it work?

You’re not opening the door of the car correctly: How to do it right?

The video above explains the Dutch reach pretty well. To practise it, one needs to use the far way hand to open the door. So if you want to get out of the right-hand side of the car, use your left hand to open the door. If you’re getting down from the left side and need to open the door, use your right hand to open the door.

Using the far-away hand will turn the body automatically to the rear of the car and it will allow the person to get a clear view of the road behind. This can save many pedestrians and cyclists from getting into such accidents.

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