Car driver blocks bus: Gets hit from behind! [Video]

Reckless driving or riding is quite common in India. We have often seen videos where people block the path of emergency vehicles and refuse to yield to other road users. Such behavior is a major problem and frequently leads to issues on the road. Here, we have a similar incident from Kerala, where a car driver decided to drive in front of a private bus and refused to give way. The driver learned his lesson after the bus collided with the rear of the car.

The video has been uploaded by Manorama News on its YouTube channel. However, it does not provide details about the location of the incident in Kerala. The video was recorded by a passenger on the bus. In this short online clip, a red Renault Kwid hatchback can be seen in front of the bus. The bus and the car are being driven along a narrow road. The car driver was driving very slowly and not allowing the bus driver to overtake.

The irritated driver of the private bus can be seen continuously honking to get the car driver to yield. The bus even stopped at a bus stop to allow passengers to board and disembark. When the bus stopped, the car driver also slowed down and waited for the bus to be behind the car again. The car was being driven too close to the bus. When the bus driver attempted to overtake the car from the right side, the car driver waved his hand as if he was going to turn, but he didn’t and continued driving straight. The bus driver continued honking at the car driver.

Car driver blocks bus: Gets hit from behind! [Video]
Renault Kwid blocks way for bus

The car driver intentionally applied the brakes, forcing the bus driver to be more cautious. After the bus stop, the car driver abruptly applied the brakes, giving the bus driver insufficient time to react. As a result, the bus collided with the rear of the Renault Kwid. Immediately after the bus hit the car’s rear, the driver stopped the car in the middle of the road and got out to argue. Passengers from the bus and locals gathered around the bus and the car. In this case, the car driver was clearly at fault, leading to arguments with the car driver after the accident.

We have often come across incidents where private and government bus drivers have driven recklessly and caused accidents. In this case, the car driver was at fault. However, we are unsure what prompted the car driver to block the bus. Was it in response to the bus driver’s actions or did the car driver simply refuse to yield? This is not the first time we have heard of an incident like this. Two-wheeler riders are also prohibited from blocking the path of buses and emergency vehicles and have been fined for doing so. Nevertheless, in this case, the car driver learned his lesson after the bus collided with the rear of his car. We are uncertain whether the police were involved in this incident after the crash.