Car driver splashes water on biker in Bangalore: Biker breaks car’s mirrors [Video]

Waterlogging is a common problem on Indian roads, and motorists have learned to navigate it carefully. A recent incident in Bangalore, Karnataka serves as a reminder of what can go wrong if one is not cautious on waterlogged roads.

The video captured by a car’s dashboard camera shows a rain-soaked road. As the car approaches a flyover, it becomes evident that vehicles are slowing down due to the stagnant water on the road. However, the driver of the car decides to accelerate and plow through the water.

The forceful splash of water drenches several two-wheeler riders, including a couple on a motorcycle. Despite the outcry from the affected riders, the car driver does not stop and continues on. In the video, the driver, who appears to be a senior citizen, explains that he had to speed through the water to prevent it from entering the car’s exhaust tip.

The riders, clearly furious, charge after the car, gesturing and demanding that the driver stop. Eventually, the couple on the two-wheeler manages to catch up and block the car’s path by parking their vehicle in front of it. Unfortunately, in the process, the car inadvertently hits the rear of the scooter, nearly causing the riders to lose balance.

Tempers flare as the couple begins to hurl abuses at the car driver. The riders are visibly upset about the water splash and reportedly even break one of the car’s mirrors. While both the car’s driver and co-passenger attempt to explain the situation, the riders continue their verbal and physical attack.

Despite the confrontation, the car driver remains inside the vehicle and avoids engaging directly with the scooter riders.

Never escalate a road rage

Road rage is a sudden and potentially dangerous phenomenon that can occur at any time. Maintaining a calm and composed mindset is crucial, especially when navigating the chaotic roads of India.

Dashboard cameras have proven to be invaluable tools in capturing accidents and uncovering fraudulent activities on public roads. The recorded footage serves as concrete evidence, facilitating smoother insurance claim processes. Furthermore, advanced dashboard cameras are equipped with motion-detection technology, which enables them to capture any tampering attempts on the vehicle.

Acquiring a dashboard camera is a wise investment that enhances personal safety and helps prevent potential dangers from escalating. It has been observed in the past that dashboard cameras have played a vital role in accident investigations and exposed scams involving individuals intentionally staging accidents to extort money from drivers.

Shantonil Nag

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