Car drives straight into bus: Caught on cam

Most accidents on Indian roads happen due to lack of patience. Here is one such accident that shows the failed attempt of a hatchback to either cross the road or merge into traffic on a narrow undivided road with less traffic. What follows is a horrific crash that could have easily been avoided.

What is happening here?

The video shows an undivided stretch of the road with a few vehicles on it. A bus can be seen coming down the road in this CCTV footage. Suddenly a hatchback emerges from the side and accelerates to either get onto the main road before the bus, or cross the road. However, the driver of the car misjudged the speed of the bus and crashed directly into it.

The car driver did not even slow down to check if the road was clear and safe to cross. Also, we can see an autorickshaw parked on the side of the road that may have blocked the vision of the driver further. The place of incident does not look like a junction and the car came out suddenly from a blind spot.

Car drives straight into bus: Caught on cam

This did not allow the bus driver to use the brakes in time and slow down. The speed of the car also increases as it merges with the undivided road. The driver could have been an inexperienced one and could not apply the brakes in time.

The car drove straight into the side of the bus, near the rear wheels. This caused the car to bounce back onto the road. Luckily, there was no vehicle coming from the opposite side of the road or the accident could have turned catastrophic.

Important to stop and look

It is extremely important on the roads to stop and check the surroundings before merging with a road or crossing a junction. Traffic can be unpredictable, especially on Indian roads where everyone is in a hurry. Stopping and scanning the roads for potential dangers is very important. Always slow down on the junctions and look around before crossing it. Even if the traffic signal is green, it is important to slow down and check the surroundings.