10 car features that your next car MUST absolutely have!

The current crop of cars come with several standard features that were considered premium around a decade back. With time, the competition has increased and so have the features list of cars in order to cope up with the competition. The recent government mandate has also made features like ABS and airbag standard on all cars in India. While buying a car, there are still several features that must not be missed. Here then are ten such features which are essential if you plan to keep your car for long.

Rear wash wipe and defogger

Rear wash wipe and defogger are something that is an absolute must for all cars. Most manufacturers don’t offer wash wiper as standard yet though it is quite an inexpensive technology. Not only it enhances the convenience while driving but wash wiper also proves to be a boon on cold nights and rainy conditions. So next time you go car shopping, remember that the rear wash wipe is a must.

Height adjustable driver’s seat

Height adjustable driver seat is something that you need to experience once in order to appreciate its value. The person driving the car may be a short guy or maybe a tall one but height-adjustable seats ensure a perfect seating position for all. Though it is not necessary to go for the electronic seat adjustment feature, manual seat height adjust is a must nowadays as it makes a person more comfortable while driving and gives a better view of the road ahead.

Telescopic and tilt steering

Ssangyong Rexton SUV Facelift

Like seat height adjustment, telescpic and tilt adjust for steering wheels is another feature which can enhance your driving comfort by miles. The steering wheels is among the main car controlling units and therefore it should be adjustable so that every driver is comfortable while holding it. Telescopic function on steering (also called reach) enables front and back adjustment while tilt function enables up-down adjustment.

Parking camera and sensors

Mg Hector Infotainment

A recent government mandate has made it compulsory for all new cars sold in India to be fitted with parking sensors. But if you are in the market for a new car, another thing you should have on your ‘must have feature’ list is parking cameras. While small hatchbacks may not need it, parking cameras are indeed useful in sedans and SUVs. Parking cameras show the path to be followed along with obtrusion distance which makes parking quite easy.

Infotainment system with Android Auto and Apple Car play

Harrier Infotainment'

Almost every car these days is getting an infotainment system on the top-end variants. If you plan on using your car for long and are making a big investment, it is always better to go for a higher variant of the car which offers an infotainment system with Android Auto and Apple Car Play connectivity support. An infotainment system allows you to navigate using maps, listen to good music apart from countless other functions. Aftermarket solutions can also b considered but a factory fit is always recommended.

Automatic Climate control

Automatic climate control is nothing but AC that adjusts the cabin temperature automatically according to the temperature set on it. Once a particular temperature is set, it automatically adjusts the fan speed and amount of cold air inside the cabin to maintain the set temperature. If not dual-zone climate control, make sure that you get a car with single-zone climate control at least if buying a car above Rs. 6-7 lakhs.

Electrochromic ORVM and RVM or manual night mode


Driving at night is not the best option to choose. However, if you often travel at night, make sure the car you buy is equipped with electrochromic outside and inside rear view mirrors. With most of the drivers not taking the pains to switch to low beam, it definitely comes as a savior. These types of mirrors adjust the reflection according to the light following on them and don’t blind the driver when they look at it.

Electrically adjustable wing mirrors preferably with auto fold function

Electrically adjustable mirrors, as the name suggests, are mirrors that can be adjusted with the touch of a button. One of the prime benefits of an electric adjustable ORVM is that one can adjust them without even opening the window. All possible angles can be set at just the touch of a button and that further enhances the driving experience. A car with auto mirror fold function is even better but if not then at least electric adjustable ORVMs are a must.

Cruise Control

2018 Maruti Ciaz Facelift Cruise Control

Cruise control is found on more expensive cars than regular hatchbacks usually. So if you are investing big on your car, like say above Rs. 10 lakhs, cruise control is a must. This is especially so if you are fond of long trips and the car is going to be on the highway for a decent amount of its lifetime. Cruise Control is a feature that allows you to relax while driving on long, empty stretches of road as it takes control of the throttle in a way. One can set a particular speed range and the car will maintain that.

One Touch down driver side window

One touch down windows, as its name suggests, is a feature which allows the driver to roll down the window glass completely at the push of a button. This feature can be really convenient while driving and it proves to be pretty useful while going through toll gates, police checking or any such condition were the driver needs to lower his window. Instead of continuously pressing the down button, only a touch by the driver can bring his window full down.