What To Do When Your Car Has Flooded | Monsoon Safety Tips

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How beautiful is the rain!
After the dust and heat,
In the broad and fiery street,
In the narrow lane,
How beautiful is the rain!

What To Do When Your Car Has Flooded | Monsoon Safety Tips

The beauty of the rains, immortalized by the poet H.W. Longfellow, is a befitting ode that captures the romance life-giving monsoon. But as we all know, this season is as much about petrichor as it is about being petrified about the damage your car could suffer.

Parking your car in a waterlogged place is a problem that is now passé, or in the least, taken for granted. Our idea of risk encompasses the “machismo on wheels” syndrome, where some car owners show off by driving into flooded roads.

Even if we consider them exceptions, we believe, given the state of roads in many parts of India, it’s essential to know what to do if your car gets flooded while parked, or if you’re forced to take your car through a flooded street.

1) Do not start the car. Ever. In fact, you should switch off the ignition completely. A high-enough water level will choke the vehicle’s exhaust. Switching on the ignition could also smoke the electrical components under the hood.

What To Do When Your Car Has Flooded | Monsoon Safety Tips

2) Next, pull the hand brake and ensure the transmission isn’t in neutral. This will prevent your car from drifting away. Also, do not turn on the hazard indicators, unless you want to blow a fuse or smoke the innards of your vehicle.

3) If you have time and it’s safe to do so, grab important documents and gadgets from the vehicle. This includes the car’s RC, insurance, owner’s manual, your wallet, mobiles, etc.

4) Once you exit the car, lock the car doors manually with the key, because electricity and water are not made for each other.

5) Don’t be a hero. After you’ve stepped out of the vehicle, call RSA (roadside assistance) for help, or get a crane to fish the car out of the waters.

6) Tow the car to the nearest service station – preferably a dry one.

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