Car hits divider & flies in the air, trying to avoid hitting another car [Video]

Indian roads are one of the most dangerous in the world that witnesses a number of accidents every day. While many accidents go unreported, there are accidents that claim lives every day. Here is such an accident that happened in Gujarat. The whole incident was captured on CCTV and the visuals are horrifying.

The incident happened near Kunwarpura village, near Raipipla in Gujarat. The incident, which happened in broad daylight got caught in the CCTV installed in a nearby petrol bunk. The video shows a relatively empty highway where a vehicle can be seen taking a turn to enter the fuel pump. However, a high-speed car enters the frame and it can be seen swerving to its left to avoid the vehicle that is taking the turn.

Since the vehicle was travelling at a fast pace, it could not come to a stop after swerving left and hit a divider at high speed. The car can be seen flying after hitting the divider at a high speed and it hits the ground on its side. The vehicle finally comes to a stop after rolling for several times on the ground. Reportedly, the car was carrying five passengers in total and all of them are safe. Two of the passengers, however, are injured but it is not known how badly they are injured. The family were travelling from Panvel, Maharashtra and were going towards Raipipla to visit the Statue of Unity. As per reports, there were two men, two women and a 10-year old child in the car. After the accident, the petrol pump manager called the 108 emergency services.

Highways and speeding in India

Car hits divider & flies in the air, trying to avoid hitting another car [Video]

Even though the Indian government increased the speed limits on many national highways of the country, driving fast can be extremely dangerous because of various reasons. The vehicle taking the turn must have misjudged the speed of the other vehicle, which caused the accident. However, there are many motorists who do not like to wait for the safe passage of other vehicles. This is why driving at a safe speed is always recommended in India.

Driving at higher speeds can translate into a longer braking distance. This is why a safe speed of 80-100 km/h should be mentioned, even on the highways. The exact speed of the car is not known though. Also, while travelling on the highways, it is always a good idea to slow down at the junctions and the U-Turns. These are the hotspots where the most numbers of accidents happen. Slowing down ensures that the vehicle is in controllable speed and if necessary, it can be stopped within a few metres.

This incident also highlights the importance of using seatbelts. The reports do not mention the seatbelt but if the occupants are safe and only two were injured after multiple rollovers, the occupants must be wearing the seatbelts that have saved them from fatal injuries.