Aakash Institute Celebrates NEET Toppers With Mahindra Thar ‘Victory Parade’ (Video)

aakash neet toppers mahindra thar parade

The recently announced NEET results have caused a huge controversy in the country. Amid the chaos, a branch of Aakash Institutes from Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, was seen celebrating the results in a unique way. A video has been shared online which shows students of Aakash Institute Meerut standing on Mahindra Thar SUVs and Tata Ace pickup trucks, parading and dancing. Many netizens have slammed this new marketing strategy by the institute.


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This video of the Aakash Institute students celebrating their results with a parade has been shared on Instagram by Lokmat Times Media. In this short clip, a few students were standing on a Mahindra Thar soft-top. They were accompanied by a few staff members of the institute. We can note that all of these students were dancing in celebration to Bollywood songs.

The first Mahindra Thar was then followed by a Tata Ace, in which many more students were standing. They were wearing turbans and were also seen dancing to the same beats. Just behind this Tata Ace was another soft-top Mahindra Thar, in which a few more students and staff were seen celebrating.

New marketing strategy

Aakash Institute Celebrates NEET Toppers With Mahindra Thar ‘Victory Parade’ (Video)

Many netizens on social media platforms have slammed Aakash Institute for this parade. Many netizens stated that it is a good thing the toppers are being recognized and celebrated. However, they added that results should not be glorified so much as it can hurt other students’ sentiments.

Apart from this, many people stated that this on the surface seems like a celebration for the kids for their achievements. However, the true motive of this parade is a marketing strategy. These big-name institutes over the years have been spending significant amounts of money on marketing to get more students enrolled in their expensive programs.

NEET results controversy

As stated above, the recent NEET results have sparked a huge controversy in India. It revolves around the National Testing Agency’s (NTA) decision to award grace marks to 1,563 candidates. This decision was later canceled after people raised concerns over it.

According to reports, multiple petitions have been filed in the Supreme Court. One of the key petitioners is the popular YouTuber and coaching teacher Alakh Pandey. He is the CEO of ‘Physics Wallah,’ and he has challenged the NTA’s arbitrary awarding of grace marks. He has argued that it was not a standard practice and lacked transparency.

Aakash Institute Celebrates NEET Toppers With Mahindra Thar ‘Victory Parade’ (Video)

Additionally, the early release of NEET-UG results has also added fuel to the suspicions of irregularities. The results were announced on June 4 instead of the expected June 14. Many people perceived it as an attempt to preempt potential criticisms or queries about the examination’s conduct.

Hundreds of students have protested in Delhi, demanding accountability and a thorough investigation into the alleged discrepancies. The NTA, on the other hand, has attempted to mitigate concerns by releasing an FAQ document denying any paper leaks.

It has also emphasized that the examination’s integrity remained intact. However, there are still allegations and a significant number of top scorers sharing identical marks. This has then left many people questioning the credibility of the examination process.