Audi Stuck On Goa’s Tilari Ghat Wall: What Really Happened [Video]

audi stuck tilari ghat wall goa

Driving on normal straight highways or driving on city roads is very simple. However, things get difficult when it comes to driving on Ghat roads. Not many people are skilled enough to drive on these roads, and because of this, sometimes serious accidents take place. Recently, showing one such incident, a video has been shared online. In this video, an Audi A4 luxury sedan is seen sitting on top of a retaining wall, which miraculously saved it from falling off into the ghat.

This video of the Audi A4 stuck on a ghat wall has come courtesy of Prudent Media Goa. In this short clip, the actual accident taking place has not been shown. However, it shows the aftermath of what happened. From the short video clip, we can note that a white Audi A4 sedan is stuck on a thick retaining wall of the ghat.

What happened?

As per the post, this particular incident took place in Tillari Ghat, which is near Goa. Most likely, this incident was caused by the driver of this particular Audi A4 going over the speed limit. In most ghats, the speed limit is very low, as any wrong move can end up in an incident like this.

Audi Stuck On Goa’s Tilari Ghat Wall: What Really Happened [Video]

However, the exact reason behind this is still unknown. Eagle-eyed viewers could note that this particular Audi must have hit the wall before. This is because we can see the damaged wall in the video. Our guess is that this car driver could not control it on time.

It first hit the retaining wall and then managed to climb and drive over it before coming to a complete stop. Most likely, all of the passengers of this car are safe, as the car itself does not seem damaged too badly. Also, thankfully, the car stopped on time, as if it did not stop there, it could have ended up in a very fatal accident.

How to properly drive on Ghat roads?

Audi Stuck On Goa’s Tilari Ghat Wall: What Really Happened [Video]

As mentioned above, driving on Indian Ghat roads requires extra caution and skill. This is due to the narrow, winding roads, steep inclines, and frequent sharp turns. So if you are planning a trip that requires driving through ghats, here are five points to ensure safe and proper driving on such roads.

Speed Control and Gear Usage

The first and most crucial aspect of driving on Ghat roads is maintaining a controlled speed. As we all know, Ghat roads have many sharp bends and steep gradients. So driving too fast can lead to loss of control, which was most likely the case with the above-mentioned Audi A4.

Try to keep your speed within a safe limit, usually between 20-40 km/h, depending on the road conditions and visibility. Additionally, make sure to use lower gears to maintain better control over the vehicle, especially while ascending or descending. Lower gears provide more engine braking. It helps prevent the brakes from overheating and failing.

Braking Techniques

Proper use of brakes is very essential for safety on Ghat roads. Every driver should know that engine braking takes place by downshifting and it helps in controlling your speed without relying too heavily on the brakes.

This is particularly useful when going downhill. Also, try to avoid sudden braking, which can cause skidding, especially on wet or gravelly surfaces. Apply brakes gently and steadily.

Anticipate and Adapt to Road Conditions

Ghat roads can have unexpected challenges, which can include landslides, fog, or animals on the roads. So drivers should always be alert and scan the road ahead for potential hazards. Be particularly vigilant around blind curves and narrow sections.

Audi Stuck On Goa’s Tilari Ghat Wall: What Really Happened [Video]

Use of Horn and Lights

Drivers should make sure to convey to other road users their presence. This helps in increasing safety on narrow and winding roads. Drivers should properly use the horn before entering sharp bends or blind spots to alert oncoming vehicles of their presence. The same is the case with headlights and fog lights, which should be used appropriately.

Courtesy and Patience

Driving on Ghat roads is not for impatient drivers. It requires a lot of patience and consideration for other drivers. Make sure to give way to vehicles going uphill, as they require more power and momentum. Also, avoid overtaking on curves or blind spots. Only overtake when you have a clear view of the road ahead and are sure it’s safe.