Scooter Rider Breaks Car Mirror, Smashes Window

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Over the last few months, we have seen numerous incidents of road rage. In a number of these cases, the culprits can be seen engaging in violent acts, all thanks to dashcams installed in vehicles. Recently, a video of a man on an Ola Electric scooter harassing a Hyundai i20 owner has been shared online. This incident took place in Bengaluru in broad daylight. The owner of the car has shared the entire details of this incident.

Ola scooter rider attacks a car

The entire incident and its details have been shared on X (formerly Twitter) by Deepak Jain. He has mentioned that this terrifying incident took place at 11:39 AM. As per the owner, the location of this incident was on the Vibgyor High School main road.

In his tweets, the Hyundai i20 owner explained that a grey Ola scooter with the registration number KA 03 KU 6880 overtook his car from the left side. Following this, he did not think much of it and carried on his way. However, after driving his car a few hundred meters ahead, the situation escalated rapidly.

What happened?

Scooter Rider Breaks Car Mirror, Smashes Window

He explained that the scooter rider began following his car. Deepak added that this man, who was riding the Ola Electric scooter, started yelling, shouting, and honking relentlessly. With these actions, he was demanding him to stop on the road.

Ola scooter rider hits car with coconut shell

Following this, the Ola Electric scooter rider’s behavior quickly turned even more violent. In the video, it can be noted that he stopped his scooter right in front of the car, after which he went ahead and picked up a coconut shell from the road and approached the car.

Next, he started shouting at the car owner and, because of rage, he immediately started smashing the right-side ORVM of the hatchback. Following this, he even smashed the window of the car and forced the driver to open it. It can be noted that the attacker’s face is clearly visible in the entire dashcam footage.

Scooter Rider Breaks Car Mirror, Smashes Window

Car owner escaped the situation

Following this violence, the car owner made a smart decision of not getting out of his car to fight. Instead, he attempted to escape the situation. The owner then mentioned that although he managed to drive ahead, another vehicle, which was a Renault Kwid with registration number KA 04 MW 2000, tried to obstruct their path about 300 meters ahead.

This then raised a question of suspicious behavior by this second driver. The car owner stated that there is a possibility of a coordinated attack by the scooter rider and this car driver. Now whether this is exactly the case is currently unknown.

Aftermath of this incident

Scooter Rider Breaks Car Mirror, Smashes Window

Deepak Jain, in his series of tweets, highlighted that this incident has shaken him. He added that he is still in shock. He has also tagged local authorities and media outlets in his post to find this person. As per the owner, he has received a call from Varthur police station with updates on the case. He added that he was asked to visit the station to file a formal complaint.

Investigation Progress

The police informed the car owner that the Ola scooter involved in the attack was a rental vehicle. From the registration number, it can be noted that it is registered under the name of Ola Fleet Technologies Private Limited. He added that the authorities are coordinating with Ola to obtain details about the individual who rented the scooter at the time of the crime.

Netizens’ reactions

This particular incident has sparked widespread concern among Bengaluru residents. Many netizens have highlighted that the city is facing rising instances of road rage and aggressive behavior on the streets.

Apart from this, along with the netizens, the owner of the car has highlighted the importance of dashcams. He stated that getting a dashcam installed in his car was one of the best decisions. The owner has requested everyone to install these dashcams in their cars to have proof in such cases.