Bride Stands In The Middle Of Busy Road For Pre-Wedding Photoshoot: Video Viral

Pre wedding photoshoot on the road

When we hear about pre wedding photoshoots we generally think of couples going to a scenic location and getting clicked in their best attires. However, can you imagine that your soon to be wife wants to get ready in her wedding attire and have a picture clicked in the middle of a busy road. Well, as weird as it may seem, this recently did happen and a video showing this exact scenario has been shared online.


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Pre-wedding shoot in the middle of a road

This video of a bride dressed in her wedding saree and standing in the middle of a busy road has been shared on Instagram. It comes courtesy of Safe Cars India on their page. In this short clip, we can see that a bride is standing right infront of an underbridge.

She was carefully standing in the middle of the road while numerous vehicles were passing by in decent speeds. We can also observe that a photographer was taking pictures of this bride. He was guiding her to give different poses.

The result then shows the pictures of her in which a bus can be seen passing right next to her. It can also be seen that people who were driving on the road were taking note of these people doing this stupid photoshoot in the middle of a busy road.

Bride Stands In The Middle Of Busy Road For Pre-Wedding Photoshoot: Video Viral

What could be the reason?

Many netizens have asked this question in the comments that why would this bride want to get her pre-wedding pictures taken in the middle of a busy road. Generally we do not see things like this happening during pre-wedding shoots. However, unfortunately we do not have an answer for this. Maybe it could be possible that she wanted to do something different to stand out.

Road safety compromised

Now although we appreciate people standing out, we only do that for the people who do not risk their lives and others. In this particular scenario we condemn such behaviour where many people can potentially get injured if an accident were to happen.

Thankfully nothing happened in this particular incident, we advise everyone reading this that they should not promote such behavior. This road safety compromise can become fatal in no time. So please respect the road safety laws and do not participate in such stupid acts.

Not the first time

Bride Stands In The Middle Of Busy Road For Pre-Wedding Photoshoot: Video Viral

The above mentioned incident is not an isolated incident of a wrong wedding photoshoot. A few months ago video showing three Hyundai Verna sedan covered in flowers were seen driving on a highway. What was also noted that off these cars sunroofs a photographer and his assistant were standing out.

There were also other people who were standing out of the other Vernas. This was a proper photoshoot that was being done on an expressway. Thankfully, nobody got hurt during this dangerous wedding photoshoot. Apart from this there have been many other such incidents where people have disregarded safety norms just to click pictures which can get them more validation on the internet.