Indian-Origin Cop In USA Gives A Tour Of His Police Car [Video]

Cop car in the USA

In India, most cars used by police officers are stripped down to the basics. Many cop cars don’t even have a proper air conditioning system and are not maintained well. They have a basic radio set installed on the dashboard for communications. However, that is not the case when it comes to other developed countries. Have you ever seen how the interior of a cop car in America looks? Here’s a video that shows just that.


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The video has been shared by Shijo’s travel diary on their Instagram page. In this video, we see the vlogger speaking to an Indian who is working with the police department in the USA. It looks like the vlogger had requested the officer to show the interior and speak a bit about the features in it.

It looks like the car used by the officer in this video is a Dodge Durango SUV. The SUV has been customized for the police department. In this video, we see the officer talking about some of the features that the car comes with which help the officers do their job. We see the large floating screen installed on the dashboard of the SUV.

It is installed on a stand so that the officer can move the screen around and see the screen clearly. The screen is connected to the system and control room, and he keeps on getting updates related to his duty or crime that is happening around him. He can also use this screen to feed the details of a vehicle and check if it was involved in any kind of violation or crime.

The car does have a radio for communication purposes. Then he shows the completely revised center console where he has toggle switches and other buttons to control the beacon lights, siren, and even the megaphone installed in the vehicle. There are several other buttons on the panel; however, he doesn’t explain all of them.

Indian-Origin Cop In USA Gives A Tour Of His Police Car [Video]
Cop car in the USA

The officer mentions that this is a vehicle that he uses during his shift every day and doesn’t share it with anyone at the time of his duty. Other junior officers do not have a dedicated vehicle, and they are usually assigned a different vehicle every day.

Other than this, everything else about the Durango looks normal. It does have a working AC unit, unlike the ones that we find in India.

There is also a spotlight on the driver-side A-pillar of the SUV. This can be controlled using a handle inside the cabin. Using this spotlight, the officer can check the license plate, house number or address, or even inside the cabin of a car without getting out. In case he finds anything suspicious, he can actually call for backup or even be prepared.

What we have noticed in this particular car is that the officer can actually access details about any vehicle even without getting out of the vehicle. This is actually good, especially if you are posted in a locality that reports a lot of crime.