This Made-In-India Hummer H2 Looks Like The Real Deal [Video]

Hummer H2 replica

We have several workshops in India that work on modification projects. Some of them modify the look of the car to make it look sporty, while others completely convert the look of the car and make it look like some other vehicle. We have seen videos of Honda Civic getting converted into Lamborghini Aventador and Huracans. Here we have a video where a first-generation Ford Endeavour has been converted into an iconic SUV. The Endeavour has been converted into a Hummer H2 SUV.

We have seen several types of modifications around Ford Endeavour. In most cases, this SUV is modified using a Raptor body kit which gives it a very butch look. The SUV is modified in such a manner that it does not resemble the donor car anymore. The video seen here has been shared by Mihir Galat on his YouTube channel.

The car has been completely transformed inside and out. The Ford Endeavour’s front grille, headlamps, bumper, bonnet, windscreen, fenders, wheel arches, and tires have all been replaced. It seems like most of the panels used in this particular project were handmade or custom-made. The iconic front grille of the Hummer H2 is made from fiberglass material and is finished in the same shade of white as the rest of the body.

The bonnet and the grille were initially made of metal, but they became so heavy that opening the bonnet was extremely difficult. The car also comes with round headlamps that are aftermarket units, which people are using on Mahindra Thar and other SUVs.

The chrome finish that we usually see on the Hummer is nowhere to be seen here. The bumper on this SUV is made of metal and looks different from the usual Hummer SUV.

This Made-In-India Hummer H2 Looks Like The Real Deal [Video]
Hummer H2 replica

The person who worked on this project mentions that all the windscreen and windows are imported and belong to Hummer itself. The stock Endeavour is not as wide as the Hummer. In order to achieve the same dimensions as the Hummer, the workshop extended the body and also increased the width. Coming to the side profile, the owner has opted for a nice set of alloy wheels. This is a proper 4×4 SUV and it comes with 18-inch alloys and 35-inch MT tires.

The body of the car except for the wheel arch cladding is made of metal. We also see roof marker lights, metal roof rails, and aftermarket LED tail lamps. The vlog mentions that they couldn’t get hold of the original Hummer tail lamps for this project. The cabin of this SUV has also been completely customized.

The interior is finished in a brown shade. The seat covers, dashboard, and steering wheel are all finished in this shade. The car even comes with a panoramic sunroof which was not offered with either Hummer H2 or first-generation Endeavour. The AC vents on this SUV are the G-Wagen inspired units. The Hummer H2 replica also gets ambient lights, AC, driver armrest, and a spacious cabin.

The video mentions that the overall cost of such projects is around Rs 18-20 lakh depending on the customization the customer opts for. This is not the cleanest looking modification or conversion work but, it does look like an original Hummer from some angles.