Man Imitating Different Cars Passing-By Is Hilarious [Video]

indian man imitating car sounds

Generally, in the automotive industry, we are very serious, as most things are about sharing what’s the newest car on the market. Or we get busy comparing the latest cars of the time. However, every once in a while, we have to halt and enjoy the humor that is derived from this industry. Recently, we came across one such funny video and thought we should share it with you. In this short video, a man is seen imitating how each type of car and its sound is perceived on the road by fellow travelers.


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Hilarious video of cars passing

This unique video of a man imitating how different types of cars sound on the road has been shared on Instagram by Rjabhinavv. It starts with the man first demonstrating how a petrol car sounds while passing down the road.

For this, he comes while running and makes a swoosh noise in the ears of a man walking on the road. The other man then gets scared, and his reaction looks very funny. After this, the man mimics how a diesel-engined car is perceived on the road.

Man Imitating Different Cars Passing-By Is Hilarious [Video]

While performing this act, he comes down the road flapping his arms. The man who was walking then makes space on the road, showing how diesel cars are extremely loud and people make way for them. After this, he is seen mimicking an electric car. For this, he keeps his footwear in his hand. This hilarious expression depicts how electric cars are extremely silent on the road.

After this, he shows a hybrid car, and for this, he is first seen walking with his shoes off. But after reaching next to the man walking, he wears them and confuses the unsuspecting man. Finally, the most hilarious part of this video comes, and in this, he acts like a Vikram auto.

Man Imitating Different Cars Passing-By Is Hilarious [Video]

He is seen going down the road, and the man walking beside him comments that he should look where he is going. This is a very common phrase that people in India use when they shout at auto drivers who drive recklessly on public roads.

Hilarious caption

This video, as we mentioned, is extremely hilarious. However, what’s even more hilarious is the caption. It says, “Creta will be honk sounds only.” For those who may not be aware, this is a funny caption because, on most social media platforms, Creta owners are made fun of because of their driving styles.

Man Imitating Different Cars Passing-By Is Hilarious [Video]
Woman crashes Creta into Virtus

Many people joke around that Creta drivers do not have the patience to be behind any car. They continuously blare their horns to make their way. They are also notorious for flashing their bright LED lights on the cars coming from the front and also when they are behind someone.

However, these are just jokes, and we do not mean to offend any of the Creta owners reading this. With this video, we just want you to have a funny moment and relax in life. Things will always be on the to-do list; however, taking a moment to laugh a little is what we request you to do more and see how happy you become.