Indian President Draupadi Murmu’s Mercedes Maybach S-Guard: In Images

Indian President's Mercedes Maybach S-Guard

When it comes to the most prestigious and safe cars in the world, the first name that jumps into the mind is the Mercedes Maybach S600 Guard. This bulletproof and bomb-proof car is used by numerous state heads and prominent politicians across the globe. However, the President of India gets an even more unique version of this already unique and expensive car. Recently, pictures of President Droupadi Murmu’s Mercedes Maybach S600 Guard Pullman have been shared online.

These pictures of the Presidential Mercedes Maybach S600 Guard Pullman come courtesy of Automobili Ardent from Instagram. In these images, this imposing Mercedes Maybach sedan is seen parked in front of a building in Delhi.

We can note that this ultra-luxurious and unique sedan is finished in the stunning Obsidian black shade. To complement this deep black shade, the car gets a ton of chrome on the windows and grille.

Indian President Draupadi Murmu’s Mercedes Maybach S-Guard: In Images

This particular car has also been equipped with signature Mercedes Maybach monoblock alloy wheels. They have been finished in the polished silver color. Apart from these, the front number plate adorns the “0008” registration number and the “Lion Capital of Ashoka.”

Details of President’s Mercedes Maybach Pullman

Currently, the President of India is Droupadi Murmu, and prior to her, it was Ramnath Kovind. During the tenure of the previous President, the President’s office bought a brand-new Mercedes Maybach S600 Pullman. This particular car was supposed to arrive before Republic Day of 2021.

Indian President Draupadi Murmu’s Mercedes Maybach S-Guard: In Images

However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this purchase was kept on hold. Later, just before the Independence Day rally on the 15th of August, this particular Maybach S600 Guard Pullman arrived. This particular car, which was first used by Ramnath Kovind, is now being used by Droupadi Murmu.

Prior to this, then-President Pranab Mukherjee used to be chauffeured around in a W221 Mercedes Maybach S600 Pullman. Ramnath Kovind also used this same Maybach before it was upgraded to the W222 Maybach Pullman, which is shown above.

Mercedes Maybach S600 Guard Pullman: Specifications

Indian President Draupadi Murmu’s Mercedes Maybach S-Guard: In Images

The W222 Mercedes-Benz S600 Pullman Maybach Guard was first unveiled for international markets in 2018. This ultra-high-security limousine costs upwards of Rs 15 crore and is equipped with state-of-the-art safety features. The car boasts ERV 2010-level and VR9-level protection.

For those who may not be aware, the ERV 2010-level protection means the vehicle can withstand up to 15 kg of TNT from a distance of 2 meters. Additionally, the VR9-level means that the car can resist 7.62x51mm rifle rounds, including bullets fired from an AK-47.

The car’s floor, body, and glass can all survive any attack. Additionally, the car features bulletproof steel embedded between its body structure and outer skin. This has been done to ensure that even splinters from bomb blasts do not penetrate. The S600 Guard Pullman also comes with a reinforced floor designed to withstand landmine blasts, and the car runs on run-flat tires.

Engine and Performance

Despite its weight of over five tonnes, the S600 Pullman Maybach Guard is decently quick. This is because it comes powered by a massive 6.0-litre twin-turbo V12 engine. This powerplant produces 530 bhp and 830 Nm of peak torque.

It comes paired with a 7-speed automatic gearbox and an all-wheel-drive system to ensure maximum grip and stability. For safety, the car’s top speed is limited to 160 km/h.