Meet The Indian Uber Driver Who Drives A Hyundai Xcent Modified To Look Like A Tesla [Video]

india's wildest modified taxi uber

When you book an Uber from the application, you expect a normal hatchback or sedan to arrive and pick you up. However, what would your reaction be when you see that your Uber sedan is a widebody Hyundai Xcent? You’ll be shocked, right? Well, this is exactly what happened with this influencer who booked an Uber. The video showing this extremely unique widebody Hyundai Xcent has been shared online and has gone viral.


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This video of the most insane Uber in India has come courtesy of Bhuvan Chowdhary from Instagram. In this clip, the influencer was standing on the side of the road, and he states that he has been checking modified cars in Delhi for two weeks. He then mentions that today he’ll be taking an Uber and just roaming around in Delhi to new locations.

Just after saying this, he then becomes shocked after seeing the Uber which came to pick him up. He then flips the camera and shows the most insane-looking Hyundai Xcent finished in white. He then quickly goes to the front left window of the car and asks the driver if this is the Uber which he booked.

Widebody Hyundai Xcent Uber

Meet The Indian Uber Driver Who Drives A Hyundai Xcent Modified To Look Like A Tesla [Video]

Following this funny introduction, the influencer then asks the owner of this Uber to talk about his unique car. To this, he replies that this is India’s most unique Hyperwide Hyundai Xcent sedan. It has been given a fully custom widebody kit.

The vlogger then shows the front end and side profile of this car. It can be noted that the entire front bumper has been changed. It has been made a lot wider and has been extended. It also gets a set of custom headlights with black internals and L-shaped LED DRLs.

It appears that the fog lights have also been swapped with projector headlights. Moving on to the side profile, we can note the extremely wide fender flares which have been molded onto the body. This provides a seamless appearance as opposed to the external hardware widebody kit.

Meet The Indian Uber Driver Who Drives A Hyundai Xcent Modified To Look Like A Tesla [Video]

Moving on, the vlogger also talks about alloy wheels. It can be noted that these are extra wide gold alloy wheels which have been perfectly stanced to become flush with the widebody fender flares. The owner mentions that bigger spacers have been used to fill the gap between the wheels and the fenders.

Lastly, the vlogger shows the rear end of this unique Uber where he points out the duckbill spoiler. He also shows the unique ski box added on top of the roof which gives this Uber a more distinct appearance.

Widebody Hyundai Xcent Uber: Interior

Finally, the vlogger and the owner of this Uber show the equally insane exterior of this sedan. It can be noted that the entire theme of the interior is yellow and black. The car gets yellow and black seat covers along with forged carbon fiber elements spread throughout.

Meet The Indian Uber Driver Who Drives A Hyundai Xcent Modified To Look Like A Tesla [Video]

The owner then shows the speaker setup inside the car. He mentions that two speakers have been added on the A-pillars with a custom mold. And the same has been done in the rear at the D-pillars. Lastly, he also shows the custom gauges that have been added on the front right A-pillar. These gauges are for temperature, RPM, and battery.