This Is The Car That Mahatma Gandhi Used During His Mysore Visit [Video]

Studebaker used by Gandhi

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, better known as Mahatma Gandhi, is one of the most important personalities in the history of India. We know about him as a person who used to live a simple and modest life. He played a crucial role in the independence of India. Before India got its independence, Mahatma Gandhi used to travel to several provinces as part of his mission to make India free from the British. During such visits, he used to travel in cars that were owned by rich people and supporters of Gandhi from the area. During one such visit, Mahatma Gandhi used a Studebaker President 8 saloon. Here we have a video that shows the current condition of this car.

The video has been shared by Flywheel by Hani Musthafa on his YouTube channel. In this video, Hani, who is a very well-known automotive journalist from India, visits Payana Car Museum. It is actually a new car museum that was built on the Mysuru-Bengaluru expressway. The building is designed in such a manner that it looks like a huge tire. The design of the building will attract people who pass through the expressway.

Coming to the video, Hani Musthafa introduces a very special vehicle. It is the same Studebaker President 8 saloon which was used by Mahatma Gandhi when he visited Mysore. The video talks about some of the installations in the museum before introducing the car. We see several types of wheels and carts displayed in the museum.

The video then shows the car. It is a 1929 Studebaker President made in the USA. Just like any American car in the market, this saloon also had a massive road presence. It was a huge sedan, and the car was powered by a 5.5-litre inline 8-cylinder engine.

The car used to produce 100 PS back when it was new. This massive 8-cylinder engine also used to generate 353 Nm of torque. The engine was mated to a 3-speed gearbox.

This Is The Car That Mahatma Gandhi Used During His Mysore Visit [Video]
Studebaker used by Gandhi

Just like any retro car of its time, the Studebaker President also had a long bonnet and a no-nonsense design. The car gets massive headlights in the front with a chrome-plated front grille. The whole car is finished in a shade of beige and black.

We are not sure if this was the original shade of the car or if it was simply repainted as part of the restoration. It was, in fact, a convertible saloon or sedan with a soft top.

As mentioned above, the car was used by Mahatma Gandhi during his Karnataka visit, and he probably folded the roof and stood inside the moving car to greet the followers and other freedom fighters.

The video doesn’t share any information regarding the ownership of the car. It probably was owned by some rich businessman or landlord from the area. It is also not clear if the car was maintained well by its previous owner or if the museum bought it from them and worked on the car to make it look brand new as it is seen in the video.