Bolero Submarine: Can A Mahindra Bolero Survive This? [Video]

mahindra bolero vs water crossing

Most SUVs, when driven into deep water bodies, get drowned as water gets into the engine and cabin. However, recently a video showing a Mahindra Bolero coming out of a pond has shocked the entire internet. Despite getting fully submerged, this Mahindra Bolero somehow made it out. In this video, the Bolero almost becomes a submarine and comes out of the water like nothing even happened.


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This video of the Mahindra Bolero coming out of a pond has been shared on Instagram. It comes courtesy of Deepak Meena. In this short clip, we can note that only the roof of the vehicle was initially visible. Just after this, a young man from the front left window comes out to breathe.

Bolero Submarine: Can A Mahindra Bolero Survive This? [Video]

Just after this, the video shows that the Mahindra Bolero was being driven inside the pond. The water level reached above its bonnet, and despite this, it made it out of the pond. Following this, the video then shows the people opening the doors of the SUV. It can be noted that the entire cabin was filled with water. Thankfully, everyone came out alive despite this SUV getting fully submerged in the water.

How did the Bolero come out of the water?

Now, many people will be wondering, how exactly did this Mahindra Bolero manage to come out of the water? Well, the answer to this is that there was a snorkel installed in the vehicle. Eagle-eyed viewers can note that the SUV has a custom snorkel installed on the front right side.

Bolero Submarine: Can A Mahindra Bolero Survive This? [Video]

This snorkel goes directly into the air intake of the engine. So, as long as a vehicle’s engine can draw fresh air from the outside, the vehicle can be driven despite it being submerged in water. Most hardcore off-road vehicles are equipped with a snorkel to increase the water wading capacity of the vehicle.

Should you try this with your SUV?

Bolero Submarine: Can A Mahindra Bolero Survive This? [Video]

We know that most people understand that these types of stunts should not be performed. However, for those who may be thinking that they can replicate such stunts, we request you to please put off any such plans. These types of stunts in most cases end with the vehicle being completely drowned and owners left stranded.

Toyota Fortuner drowns while crossing river

As mentioned above, one should never try to perform such dangerous acts when alone. However, if you are still not convinced, here is a previous incident where an arrogant Toyota Fortuner owner learned this lesson the hard way.

Bolero Submarine: Can A Mahindra Bolero Survive This? [Video]
Fortuner downed in river

This particular case was reported from Maharashtra’s Vasai. What happened in this case was that a river was flowing at a high speed, and it drowned a road that crossed the river. Now, many other vehicles were stopped on either side of the road, waiting for the flow of the river to slow down.

However, this particular Toyota Fortuner owner thought that he could easily cross the river with his SUV. But, to his surprise, the flow was a lot more intense than he expected. Because of this, his SUV got drowned, and it was then saved by the rock wall on the right side of the road. Thankfully, the driver was rescued safely.