Man Lies Down In Front Of Moving Bus But Is It Real? Fact Check [Video]

Hyderabad man vs TSRTC bus

If someone were to cross a busy road on which a bus can be seen coming, most likely there are two things a person would do. Either let the bus pass first, or cross the road way before the bus reaches near him or her. However, recently a video of a man going deliberately in front of a bus and lying down has been shared on the internet. This video has garnered many eyeballs. But the question that has been raised now is whether this video is fake or not. So this is why we are here. We have fact-checked it and here’s what we have found.

This video of a young man lying in front of a bus has been shared on X by VC Sajjanar on their page. He is the managing director of Telangana State Road Transport Corporation (TGSRTC). In this short clip, we can note that a young boy starts walking towards the middle of a very busy road.

After this, he directly comes in front of a public transport bus and lies down. It can be then noted that the bus passes over him. He then quickly stands up, dodges an auto coming on the road, and then once again goes to the right side of the road.

Fact check

This particular video, as shared by the MD of TGSRTC, has a massive stamp on the video which mentions that it is a fake video. However, even before the official page of the MD shared this post, it was found by us that this complete video has been edited. It can be noted that the person casually walking in front of the video does not fit the background.

This CGI video, however, has managed to fool a lot of unsuspecting people, and it has shocked them. As per the post, this video has been shared by someone from Hyderabad, Telangana State. Now many people might be asking why someone would go the extra mile to create such a stupid video.

Why was this video created?

Man Lies Down In Front Of Moving Bus But Is It Real? Fact Check [Video]

Most likely, this video has been created to gain popularity on social media. What has happened over the years is that the algorithms of social media platforms have been programmed to increase the reach of such videos. People now want something extremely unique to get entertained.

However, actually going in front of a bus and lying down would get a person killed. So with the use of CGI (Computer Generated Imagery), people can now simply create such videos which can create such an awe factor and get them a lot of views. These views then convert into followers and subscribers, and people become famous.

How is it dangerous?

Now coming to the dangers of such videos. Many people would argue that how can a CGI video become dangerous for society and people watching it. Well, the answer is that there are various types of people that watch such stupid videos.

So even if there is one person who may fall into the trap of thinking that this video is real and they can also do the same, we all know that the same person can die. And this can become an extremely huge issue. We understand that the likelihood of something like this taking place is very minimal. But we should not promote such videos as even a single loss of life is huge.

Man Lies Down In Front Of Moving Bus But Is It Real? Fact Check [Video]

The MD of TGSRTC in his post has also shared a message regarding the same. The post states, “This video which is going viral on social media is fake. This is a fully edited video. Some people are editing videos like this to be popular on social media. It is not a good practice to try to tarnish the image of RTC with such shenanigans.”

It added, “There is a danger of others imitating these types of unintended actions done for likes and comments. Edited videos that are made for fun can also cause harm to others. #TGSRTC management is taking such incidents seriously. Legal action will be taken against those responsible.”

CGI videos can be used for better purposes

We are not bashing CGI videos; we are only concerned with videos that can evoke other people to do stupid stuff. What we believe is that CGI videos can be used for much better things, and one of the best things to do with them is to use videos created by it for marketing.

A prime example of a CGI video done right was recently shared by a few users on X. In this short clip, a few unique cars from iconic Hollywood movies and TV shows like Batman, Scooby-Doo, and Back to the Future were seen coming out of Cred, the finance company’s building in Bangalore.

Man Lies Down In Front Of Moving Bus But Is It Real? Fact Check [Video]

This CGI video was shared by so many people as it was very well created. It managed to fool a lot of netizens. However, it was a harmless video and it was only meant to promote Cred. So videos like these are appreciated, but videos like the boy lying in front of the bus are condemned.