Young Men Block Public Road To ‘Celebrate Birthday’ In Lucknow: Viral Video

young men block public road birthday lucknow

Generally, we celebrate the birthday of someone whom we love and care about. We do it at home, a restaurant, a club, or any other social place. However, some hooligans believe that celebrating a birthday on a public road is a much better option. Recently, a video showing several cars blocking a road in Lucknow for one person’s birthday has been shared online. These young men were seen standing on the roofs of their cars while doing this stupid celebration.

This video, showing these young men celebrating their birthday on a road by blocking it, has been shared on X (formerly Twitter). It comes courtesy of Bharat Samachar. In this short clip, several cars, including a Maruti Suzuki Swift, Dzire, Hyundai Verna, Aura, Toyota Innova, and Fortuner, are seen blocking the road.

It also shows that the person recording the video is driving his Toyota Fortuner towards this crowd. The video then shows these young men standing on the roofs of their cars. Apart from this, they were also seen igniting firecrackers on the public road.

Where did this take place, and have they been caught?

Young Men Block Public Road To ‘Celebrate Birthday’ In Lucknow: Viral Video

According to reports, this birthday celebration took place near Ekana Stadium in the Sushant Golf City area in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. At the moment, it has been reported that the police authorities have commenced their investigation of the matter.

They are currently identifying who these young men were. However, so far, no updates have been shared by Lucknow Police. Most likely, the police authorities will be able to track down a few cars and their owners in the coming days.

Why were they celebrating their birthday on the road?

For those who may be wondering why someone would like to celebrate their birthday on a road in this intense heat, the answer is that people have become obsessed with social media. And surprisingly enough, acts like these gain a lot of traction on social media platforms.

Young Men Block Public Road To ‘Celebrate Birthday’ In Lucknow: Viral Video

The people who participate in such activities seek validation from the likes and views that they receive on such videos. Over the years, we have seen numerous such videos where people share themselves doing these stupid acts, thinking that they look cool. However, on the contrary, they look like fools.

Not the first time such an incident has taken place

As stated above, this is not the first time that we have seen such celebrations on public roads. Back in June of last year, a similar incident was reported from Agra, Uttar Pradesh. A video was shared online where six cars with young men were seen blaring police sirens and playing loud music on roads for a birthday celebration.

Young Men Block Public Road To ‘Celebrate Birthday’ In Lucknow: Viral Video

It was reported that a prominent marble businessman’s son’s birthday was celebrated by his friends in this stupid manner. As per the reports, the friends of the businessman’s son wanted to celebrate it in a unique and grand way. So, for that, they chose this celebration. Following their video going viral on the internet, all six cars seen in this video were seized by police authorities.