4 Men In Maruti Dzire Nearly Get Washed Away [Video]

Maruti Dzire stuck in river

The extensive heat of this year’s summer is about to end with a rain-filled monsoon. Some states in the country have even started receiving heavy rainfall as well. Now with heavy rainfall, there is a huge risk of floods on roads. Recently, a video from Telangana has been shared online. In this short clip, four men were seen escaping from their Maruti Suzuki Dzire, which was about to get washed away in a small stream.

Men escape death after car gets stuck in stream

This video of these four men almost getting washed away with their car has been shared on X by IANS. In this short clip, a Maruti Suzuki Dzire was seen stuck in the middle of a stream. As mentioned, this video has been shared from Telangana.

We can note that four men were escaping this sedan after attempting to cross the small stream. Thankfully, all of these four men were able to come out of the car before it was washed away. It can be noted that before making their narrow escape, they were actually trying to push the vehicle out of the stream.

What happened next?

However, as the vehicle was stuck due to the high-pressure water flow, they could not move it even slightly. Most likely, what happened was that these men thought that the car would be able to cross the road. However, because this stream quickly became stronger, the water reached the engine.

4 Men In Maruti Dzire Nearly Get Washed Away [Video]

After which they could not start the vehicle. As per the post, the car was standing on a low-lying bridge, which these people thought they could cross. The video then continued to show that the car eventually was washed away. Had these people not left the car in time, they could have also drowned.

Toyota Fortuner drowned in a river

A while ago, we shared a similar incident. In this particular case, a Toyota Fortuner driver took his SUV into a strongly flowing river, thinking that he would be able to cross it. However, as the river crossing began, he started losing control of his SUV as it got deeper.

4 Men In Maruti Dzire Nearly Get Washed Away [Video]
Fortuner downed in river

After some time, when he could not steer the Fortuner, it smashed into the rock wall on the right side. Thankfully, people rushed to the rescue of this owner, and the car was recovered after the water in the crossing became low.

Tips to avoid such situations

The first and most important tip that we can give you is that when you see such a flooded road, please stop! Do not think that you can easily cross this road as you are a skilled driver or your vehicle is capable of doing this crossing. We understand both could be true at times.

4 Men In Maruti Dzire Nearly Get Washed Away [Video]

However, if anything goes wrong, it does not take time for the vehicle to get submerged in water, as we saw in both videos above. Also, one can never be sure about the depth ahead, so it is best to wait and let the water clear. Also, if you have decided to cross the road or river, make sure that there is a recovery vehicle or plan in case things get out of control.