Ola S1 X Gets Smarter

When Ola Electric announced the launch of the S1 X range of scooters in August 2023, with prices starting at Rs. 79,999 for the 2kWh variant [its now available at Rs. 74,999, it was already offering a lot more than its competitors at those price points. The 3kWh and range-topping 4kWh variants too are priced attractively at Rs. 84,999 and Rs. 99,999, respectively. Now, Ola Electric has added a new set of extremely useful features to the range—doubling the attractiveness quotient.

Ola S1 X Gets Smarter

So, now let’s look at the smart features that has been added to the scooter

Advanced Regen: Ever wondered why the range of an EV sometimes goes up in stop-go traffic? That is the magic of Regenerative Braking—a mechanism used in electric and hybrid vehicles to capture and reuse the kinetic energy generated by the vehicle when it slows down. By capturing the energy that is typically lost as heat when using traditional friction brakes, regenerative technologies help recharge the vehicle, thus extending the range. Advanced Regen on Ola S1 X scooters goes a step further: you can enable different regenerative braking settings based on your riding preferences.

Vacation Mode: Batteries tend to drain even when not in use over a period of time. While going out of town for work or for holidays with family, no such worry if you own one of the Ola S1 X scooters. You can now leave your scooter on vacation mode for a certain period of time without having to worry about deep discharge. Besides, this helps increase the life of your batteries.

Find My Scooter: Tracking has been available in cars and high-end electric two-wheelers for some time. But now, Ola Electric has brought this useful feature to the highly affordable S1 X range. The Find My Scooter feature lets you push locations from your phone to the scooter through Bluetooth and can even help locate your scooter from the Ola Electric app, offering complete peace of mind.

Ola S1 X Gets Smarter

Ride Stats and Energy Insights: How you ride impacts efficiency and even your own safety. To get the best out of your S1 X scooter, you now have the option of reviewing your ride metrics and getting energy consumption insights based on your riding style on the Ola Electric app.

OTA Updates Compatibility: In this day and age, it should be possible to watch the T20 World Cup anywhere on any device. Sorry—we digress. What we meant is that you should NOT have to take your scooter or car to a service station to get its software updated. You are in luck: your S1 X now gets OTA (over-the-air) updates compatibility, allowing you to regularly update the software and unlock the true potential of your ride.

Final Word

All good then? Well, yes. And then some more. The Ola S1 X offers a strong value proposition to customers with a focus on affordability, sustainability, and innovative features. The Ola S1 X beats its EV rivals on the price-performance ratio, takes down the ICE best-sellers with low cost of ownership, and leads everyone with a solid combination of practical features such as a 4.3-inch LCD instrument cluster, reverse mode, cruise control, and 34-liter under-seat storage. The just-added features provide the icing on the cake.