Popular Influencer Orry And His Custom All-White Mercedes Maybach GLS 600 SUV [Video]

orry modified maybach

Orhan Awatramani is a name that might not ring a bell in your mind. However, it is the real name of the popular influencer whom we all know as Orry. He is known for hanging out with the popular Bollywood star kids and his iconic pose for pictures. Orry recently bought himself a brand-new Mercedes Maybach GLS 600 SUV. And his car’s current look has become viral on the internet. Orry has modified his Maybach GLS in a unique way, and it has polarized automotive enthusiasts.

The picture of Orry’s extremely unique Mercedes Maybach GLS has been shared on Instagram. It comes courtesy of Mercedes Maybach in India. In the picture, we can note all of the body panels have been painted in a classy-looking satin white shade. We can note that the entire top and lower front grille have been painted in the same satin white color.

Even the ADAS sensor and bottom skid plates have been finished in this same color. Additionally, on the side profile, it can be noted that the massive 22-inch alloy wheels have also been painted in white. Lastly, all the fender flares, running boards, and pillars have been painted in white as well. The roof, however, has been finished in black.

Orry’s Mercedes Maybach GLS

The popular influencer Orry bought this luxury SUV just a few weeks ago. He was first spotted in this Mercedes Maybach GLS 600 while arriving for his gym session in Mumbai. At the time he was first spotted with this SUV, it was still stock. It had the diamond-cut finish on the wheels and it still had brushed silver elements all around.

The Mercedes Maybach GLS 600 is the most expensive and luxurious SUV sold by the brand in India. It is priced at Rs 3.5 crore. It comes powered by a massive 4.0-liter V8 engine, accompanied by a 48V mild-hybrid system. The engine delivers a peak power output of 557 PS and 730 Nm of torque.

Who actually owns this Maybach GLS 600?

Popular Influencer Orry And His Custom All-White Mercedes Maybach GLS 600 SUV [Video]

Upon digging a little deeper, we have found that this particular Mercedes Maybach GLS 600 is not registered in Orry’s name. Rather, it has been registered under the name of Sakharam Baburao Thite.

More popularly known as Mahesh Transport Company, it is a proprietorship with its office registered in Maharashtra. Most likely, this is a leasing company that purchases these luxury cars and provides them to Orry. We say this because this is not the only car that has been seen used by Orry.

Earlier, Orry used to be spotted in a white Mercedes Benz G350d luxury SUV. It was initially seen finished in white color. However, it was then wrapped in a striking blue color. It also had the registration number β€œ7200.”

Jahnavi Kapoor and Sara Ali Khan also used the same G-Wagen

Popular Influencer Orry And His Custom All-White Mercedes Maybach GLS 600 SUV [Video]

In addition to Orry, the same Mercedes Benz G350d with the β€œ7200” registration number was used by Jahnavi Kapoor and Sara Ali Khan as well. While it was being used by Jahnavi, it was wrapped in a color-shifting grey wrap. Meanwhile, it was in its stock white color when Sara Ali Khan was using it.