Meet The Pristine Tata Sierra: Possibly The Cleanest In All Of India! [Video]

india's cleanest tata sierra featured

Tata Motors is currently the leading car manufacturer in India. Tata was not always a manufacturer of passenger vehicles. They initially produced a range of pickups and other light and heavy commercial vehicles. It was only in the late 90s that the manufacturer decided to enter the passenger vehicle segment. The Tata Sierra, one of the first compact SUVs in India, was one such product. It currently has a huge fanbase; however, when it was available in the market, it did not perform as expected, and due to low sales, the car was discontinued. Finding a well-kept Tata Sierra is extremely difficult as these cars are rarely seen on the road anymore. Here, we have one such clean-looking specimen on video, possibly the cleanest-maintained example in the country.

The video has been shared by Talking Cars on their YouTube channel. In this video, the presenters discuss the history of the Sierra, talk about the condition of the car featured in the video, and later take it for a spin. The Sierra, along with other cars like the Estate and Tata Sumo, were all based on the Tata 206 (later known as the 207) or Tata Telcoline’s platform.

The manufacturer made necessary changes to the body and design to give these vehicles distinct looks. The Sierra seen here is the first-generation model with a non-turbo diesel engine. A turbo version of the car was introduced at a later stage. Finding a non-turbo version of the Sierra is extremely difficult as most of them have been scrapped or modified.

The owner of this particular car has tried to maintain the car’s originality. The front fascia of the Telcoline, Estate, and Sierra were the same. Only minor differences were made to the Estate to make it resemble the W124 Estate. The main attraction of the Estate is its large windows for the rear seat passengers.

Meet The Pristine Tata Sierra: Possibly The Cleanest In All Of India! [Video]
Tata Sierra non-turbo

It is a 3-door SUV, which is one of the reasons it didn’t perform well in the market. After exploring the exterior, the presenters opened the door and showed us the interior. The interior remains stock with fabric upholstery.

It wouldn’t be wrong to call the Sierra a luxury SUV of its time, as it came with premium features like AC, rear AC vents, power steering, power windows, and tilt-adjustable power steering.

These features were uncommon in most cars sold during that time. The bold three-door design, along with these features, made it stand out from the rest of the cars in the market. The Tata Sierra non-turbo version used a 2.0-liter diesel engine that generated 67 Bhp and 117 Nm of peak torque. The presenters were impressed with the spacious and airy cabin and the ride quality.

The softer suspension contributed to the comfort, and the heavy steering ensured that the vehicle didn’t go out of control. For a car that is over 15 years old, it was working fine, and the NVH levels were also good for a 1997 model SUV.

The turbo version of the SUV used a 2.0-liter diesel engine that generated 89 Bhp and 186 Nm of torque. It is, without a doubt, one of the cleanest-looking Tata Sierras we have seen on the internet to date.