Kids Pose On Parked Porsche’s Bonnet: Car Enthusiasts Leave Angry Comments

kids posing on porsche bonnet featured

Supercar culture in India has improved over the years. Supercar and sports car spotting have become very common in most of our metro cities. We have seen people wait on the roadside for hours to get a glimpse of supercars. Now, we have also started seeing a trend where these car spotters actually chase supercars to record videos, which they post on social media platforms for likes and shares. We have now come across some images in which we see a couple of kids posing for pictures while sitting on the bonnet. The pictures went viral, and it looks like car enthusiasts are not happy with it.

The images have been shared by Automobili Ardent on their Instagram page. The images have been posted with a caption that shows how angry the admin is with the kids’ behavior. In these images, we see a bunch of young kids sitting on the carbon fiber bonnet of a Porsche Cayman GT4RS sports car.

The blue-colored sports car was parked on the roadside, and we feel the kids might have spotted this and got excited. They probably started taking pictures with the car, and this excitement probably made them sit on the bonnet of the car. They were probably unaware of the mistake they were making here.

We feel there was no one near the car to stop them from sitting on the bonnet. Once the image went viral, we started seeing several comments (mostly negative) under it. Most of them were unhappy with this behavior.

Kids Pose On Parked Porsche’s Bonnet: Car Enthusiasts Leave Angry Comments
Kid sitting on the bonnet of Porsche

Car enthusiasts call out bad behavior

Some of them were funny too. One user wrote, “It’s like those kids in China who climbed up a Huracan. And a man seeing them said it gives him great pleasure and happiness to see that the kids are sitting on the Lambo hood and roof. And he didn’t stop them because they weren’t his kids nor his Lamborghini.”

Another user posted a comment that said, “Here, I never even sat like this on my own car.”

There was even a comment that supported the kids: “Dude, if you park an exotic car on the street, be thankful it isn’t ‘keyed’. And calm down. It’s just a car. If kids sit on it, it won’t melt. And if the owner has an issue, he should find secure parking.”

Don’t disrespect others’ property

What the kids did here was absolutely wrong. Even if you have permission from the owner, we wouldn’t recommend anyone to sit on the bonnet or roof of a car to pose for pictures that they post on social media.

The kids should have been a bit more careful and aware of the situation. If they damaged the car in any manner, they would have been in trouble. In short, they shouldn’t have sat on someone else’s car.

The kids seen in these images probably meant no harm and were only looking at the car as a property for their next profile picture. They probably did not realize the mistake, and someone who saw them do this should have actually stopped them.

Why did the kids do what they did?

Likely for social media attention. From the looks of it, it seems like the kids wanted to pose for pictures that they’d later upload on social media. In the times we live in, social media validation is something that the current generation takes quite seriously. We see this manifest in various ways, some of them quite risky, like the following Instagram reel.

While cops have jailed the influencer seen in the above reel, and have gone to the extent of seizing the Mahindra Thar, such influencers continue to remain popular among the younger lot, many of whom try and emulate such risky behavior.