Taarzan Wonder Car Is For Sale: Interested?

taarzan wonder car for sale

Over the last few months, we have been sharing updates on the beloved “Taarzan – The Wonder Car.” It was recently finished by the shop owner who bought it to perform a complete restoration. Recently, it has been shared that this particular dream car of many has now come to the market for sale. If you are one of those people who are interested in getting this beloved sports car from the Bollywood movie, read ahead.

The deal has been shared on Instagram by Royal Cars Club Delhi on their page. As per the post, the fully restored Taarzan has been put up for sale for Rs 8.90 lakh. In the short clip, a complete walkaround of this unique purple sports car has been shared. This particular car has been fully restored by International Auto & Engineering Works.

Apart from the price, not many details about this sports car have been shared in the post. We do not know how many km this car has done over the course of its life. The exact condition of the mechanical side of things is also unknown. The workshop in which it was restored had shared the videos of its progress, but all of the essential details on it are still missing.

Taarzan – The Wonder Car

Taarzan Wonder Car Is For Sale: Interested?

For those who may not remember, this unique purple sports car was featured in the movie “Taarzan – The Wonder Car” The lead actors of this movie were Vatsal Sheth, Ayesha Takia, and Ajay Devgn. The car was specifically designed for this movie by the popular automotive designer Dilip Chhabria, whom we all know as DC.

DC designed Taarzan is based on a Toyota MR2 sports car. This particular two-door sports car came equipped with naturally aspirated and turbocharged petrol engine options. While the naturally aspirated engine made about 163 bhp, the turbocharged petrol put out about 218 bhp.

It was offered with both a five-speed manual and four-speed automatic gearbox option. Toyota sold the MR2 in Japan, the USA, and Europe. The first MR2 was built in 1984 while the last was built in 2007.

What happened with Taarzan?

Taarzan Wonder Car Is For Sale: Interested?

Following the shoot of the movie back in 2004, the production house gave back the car to DC. It was then put up for auction for a staggering amount of Rs 2 crore. Now, as this number was extremely high for a Toyota MR2-based sports car, it failed to fetch any buyer.

So, after realizing this, DC lowered the price of the car to Rs 35 lakh. However, despite this, there were no buyers. Eventually, the car ended up on a street in a very dilapidated condition. The entire body of the car was stripped of its iconic purple paint, and it was rotting in dust.

Taarzan Wonder Car Is For Sale: Interested?

Following this, it was bought by International Auto and Engineering Works. The shop owner showed how this car was completely restored. He himself completed all the work, including fabrication, painting, engine restoration, wiring, and final testing. The car was then driven on the roads near his shop to show that it is in fully running condition.