Girl Blows Rs. 2.2 Lakh On 22 Inch Alloy Wheels For Her Mahindra Thar [Video]

woman mahindra thar 2.2 lakh alloy wheels

Mahindra Thar, launched in 2020, became an instant hit in the Indian market. Due to its huge fan base, we have seen and covered multiple modified Thar in the past but today, we will cover a modified Mahindra Thar which is owned by a Delhi woman. The car is showcased in a YouTube video uploaded by Mihir Galat.

The video starts with the introduction of the woman owner of this modified Mahindra Thar. Car culture in India is slowly picking up and seeing a female car enthusiast warms our hearts. The owner mentions that her dream car is the Mercedes Benz G63 AMG.

She started her car journey with a BMW. She also talks about why she bought Mahindra Thar. About two years ago she drove a Thar which her friend owned and she absolutely loved this SUV. Since then she thought of buying a Thar and modifying it extensively.

Now, let’s talk about the car. Starting with the front profile, the regular grille is updated with the Wrangler inspired 7-slat grille. The headlights have been upgraded to aftermarket projector LED headlights. The front bumper and the fog lamps are kept stock. Roof lights are also installed to add a character to the SUV. The bulbs of the fog lamps have been changed to LEDs.

Girl Blows Rs. 2.2 Lakh On 22 Inch Alloy Wheels For Her Mahindra Thar [Video]

The owner talks about the stories behind these beautiful 22-inch alloy wheels. She loaded the car with 20-inch alloy wheels on the first day of the purchase. However, she saw these 22-inch alloy wheels on an Instagram reel and loved these.

She adds that sourcing these alloys was very hard and these were shipped from Punjab. Regarding the cost, just the alloys set her back by Rs. 2.2 lakhs.

All the windshields of the car are tinted black. She adds that she has tinted windows due to heat and privacy reasons. No other changes are done to the side profile of the car. In the rear profile, the taillights are upgraded to aftermarket lights.

Changes in the cabin of the car include Mercedes inspired AC vents and active ambient lighting. The overall cost is mentioned in the video which is Rs. 22 lakhs including the price of the car. The host and the owner of the car go for a quick ride on the car. They also talk about the challenges of wider alloy wheels. As the wheels protrude out of the car, it becomes a challenge to drive it in traffic.

Regarding the negatives of the car, she mentions that the Mahindra Thar lacks comfort. She further adds that the fuel economy of the car is very less and she is getting around seven kilometers per litre of fuel. Please note that mileage figures may vary depending on the driving style and this is the 4×4 petrol automatic version of the Thar loaded with 22-inch alloy wheels.