Brand New Tata Nexon.EV Battery Replaced After 5 Breakdowns In 2 Months [Video]

tata nexon.ev 5 breakdowns 2 months

In the last few years, many people who have medium to high commutes have switched to EVs because of the low cost of driving. However, sometimes new car buyers can face problems with their brand-new vehicles, which could sour their ownership experience. Recently, sharing one such experience, a video of a Tata Nexon EV owner has been shared online. She mentions that within two months of her purchase, her Nexon EV facelift broke down five times. Also, her car’s battery was changed just after two months, after requesting for a long time.

This video of the Tata Nexon EV facelift owner sharing her ownership experience of her first car has been shared on YouTube. It comes courtesy of Auto9. It starts with the host of the channel introducing the owner of the car. He first asks the owner how she thought of buying an EV.

To this, she mentioned that she lives in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, and her office is in Noida. After this, she explained that the total distance between her office and home is over 160 km. And to travel, she used a petrol car, which cost her around Rs 18,000-20,000 in fuel alone.

Following this, she mentioned that she then thought of switching to a different car. And while looking for her new car, she came across the fact that in her budget she could get an electric car. Following this, she decided to buy the Tata Nexon facelift Fearless+ MR (Medium Range). She mentions that she paid Rs 17.5 lakh for this sub-compact EV.

Tata Nexon EV breakdowns

Brand New Tata Nexon.EV Battery Replaced After 5 Breakdowns In 2 Months [Video]

After talking about her buying decision, the owner of the car narrates her ownership experience with the Tata Nexon EV. She stated that she took delivery of this car on December 1st last year on her anniversary. She then added that exactly 18 days later, on the 19th of December, her car broke down.

The owner of this Tata Nexon EV emphasized that it did not malfunction or have any small error. Rather, it completely broke down. She stated that she could not turn on the ignition after numerous tries. And even when the ignition turned on, none of the functions of the car worked. The car also did not go into drive mode.

Following this, she then stated that at this point, she was extremely upset and was regretting her decision to buy the Nexon EV. After this, she continued and stated that by January 31st, her car had broken down a total of five times. She explained that after the first breakdown, her car was taken by the roadside assistance team. It was then given back to her.

The owner continued to add that after every 20 days, her car broke down. And as she got used to this issue, she would leave her car and take another car to the office on the 18th-20th day after getting her car back.

What was the problem?

Brand New Tata Nexon.EV Battery Replaced After 5 Breakdowns In 2 Months [Video]

Next, the presenter asked her to explain the exact problem with her car. To this, she replied that as she purchased the car from Noida and lived in Meerut, she would ask the dealer in Meerut to repair it. They would constantly tell her that the car had been updated and thoroughly checked and she would not face the same problem.

But after numerous repetitions, she understood and was told that it was not the main battery that was draining. Instead, it was the smaller battery that powers all the electrical systems which got drained every 15 days. So after learning about this, she informed the Meerut dealership, which once promised her that they changed the battery. However, they had not changed it.

Finally, after fighting for a long time, the dealership did replace the battery and the main problem of the car freezing up was solved. She added that after replacing the battery, the only problem that she faced was that after a complete stop, the car would not go into drive for 5-10 seconds. But apart from this, everything was fine.

Her final opinion on the Tata Nexon EV

Brand New Tata Nexon.EV Battery Replaced After 5 Breakdowns In 2 Months [Video]

She stated that despite this issue, she added that the Tata service is great. In addition, she also added that she would recommend others to buy this car. Apart from these, the only thing which she does not like is the range. The company claims the car can do around 350 km in real-world driving range. However, it only goes up to 210 km when driven on highways.