Car Driver Attempts To Cross Overflowing River By Following Bus: Gets Washed Away [Video]

toyota etios washed away overflowing river

The monsoon season has arrived in the country, and a lot of rivers and streams are overflowing. These rivers, especially in rural areas, on most occasions, even flood the roads. So it is a well-known fact that these overflowing rivers should not be crossed with cars and bikes. However, some people think that they can beat nature and drive their vehicles into a high-speed flowing river. The result of this, in most cases, ends up with the car inside the water body. Recently, another similar incident has been shared online.

This latest video of a Toyota Etios getting swept away in an overflowing river has been shared on Facebook. This video starts off with a bus with passengers inside crossing an overflowing river. This river has flooded the entire road which is used by the people to cross.

Now the bus, being a heavier vehicle with all the passengers inside, managed to cross the river. However, this bus can be seen being followed by a Toyota Etios taxi. The driver thought that along with the bus, he would also be able to cross the river. Unfortunately, this did not happen.

Toyota Etios drowns in river

Car Driver Attempts To Cross Overflowing River By Following Bus: Gets Washed Away [Video]

As there were only two people inside this Toyota Etios, this sedan was seen struggling to cross the road. As soon as the bus crossed the road, the flow of the river became even stronger for the Etios sedan to handle, and it got swept away.

There were a number of pillars on the side of the river which could have stopped the Etios from completely drowning in water. However, the exact spot from which the Etios got into the river had no pillars. Only if the car would have been a few meters ahead, most likely it would not have drowned in the overflowing river.

What happened next?

Car Driver Attempts To Cross Overflowing River By Following Bus: Gets Washed Away [Video]

After the Toyota Etios taxi went into the water, we can note that it started floating for a while. During this time, the driver and the passenger did not exit the vehicle. Many people who were watching this incident take place were shouting at him to quickly escape the vehicle.

However, despite being in the water for a while, the driver and the passenger did not come out of it. It can be noted that the windows of the car were rolled down and the rear passenger even came out to check.

Now, if they came out of the vehicle after this or not has not been reported. However, it can be seen in the video that after some time, the vehicle eventually stopped floating and started drowning from the front where the engine is located.

Safety tips to cross a river

Car Driver Attempts To Cross Overflowing River By Following Bus: Gets Washed Away [Video]

The first thing that we will tell you before the safety tips is that you should not attempt to cross an overflowing river. This is because it is a very risky endeavor. However, if you have to cross the river due to an emergency and it is absolutely necessary, then here are the tips.

Assess the Situation and Depth

The first safety tip that we will give you is that before you attempt to cross, you have to carefully assess the depth and current of the river. For this, you can use a stick or other tool to gauge the water’s depth and strength.

We suggest you avoid crossing if the water is deeper than the bottom of your vehicle’s doors or if the current appears strong enough to sweep the vehicle away. Most vehicles can become buoyant in just 2 feet of water, which can lead to loss of control.

Car Driver Attempts To Cross Overflowing River By Following Bus: Gets Washed Away [Video]
Mahindra Thar crossing river

Choose the Right Path

After you assess the depth, you have to identify the shallowest and calmest part of the river to cross. Look for a section where the water appears the least turbulent. Also, you have to plan your entry and exit points in advance. This will ensure that both are accessible and that the terrain on either side of the river is suitable for driving.

Prepare Your Vehicle

Following the second step, if your vehicle has it, make sure to engage 4-wheel drive. This will provide you with better traction and control. After this, drive slowly and steadily, maintaining a low and constant speed to avoid creating waves and losing traction. Do not change gears while in the water. This is because it can allow water to enter the clutch and cause stalling.

Car Driver Attempts To Cross Overflowing River By Following Bus: Gets Washed Away [Video]

Safety Measures and Equipment

Ideally, you should wear seat belts, but you also have to be prepared to unbuckle quickly in case of an emergency. Also, keep windows open slightly to prevent being trapped by the pressure of the water if the vehicle starts to submerge.

Do Not Panic if Stalled

If the vehicle stalls, please make sure not to attempt to restart it. This is because it can cause water to be sucked into the engine, which will damage it. Exit the vehicle through the windows if it becomes necessary and safe to do so. Also, try to move to the roof of the vehicle and signal for help if you cannot safely reach the shore.