This Is The World’s Blackest Car [Video]

World's blackest car

When it comes to one of the most demanded colors that look the best on cars, black can be considered the one. Over the last few years, many Indian automakers have started offering black colors in their cars. However, have you ever wondered which black color is the darkest of them all? Well, if you are one of those people who indeed have thought about this, then you are in luck. Here is a video that shows the blackest black color that has ever been created.

World’s blackest car

This video of the world’s darkest black color has been shared on YouTube by The Action Lab on their page. It starts with the presenter mentioning that a while ago he made the world’s blackest room by using the color Musou black. At the time, it was the darkest color ever to be created. However, he now wants to create the world’s darkest black-colored car.

However, he adds that the same has been done by another creator on YouTube. He then adds that the car which was created was given the most black paint. But this time around, he has now found another material that is even darker than the Musou black paint that was used on that car.

This Is The World’s Blackest Car [Video]

Kiwami black car

Following this, he then mentions that this time around he has found a new material, and it is called Musou Kiwami black fabric. He explains that the standard Musou black color absorbs 99.4 percent of the light thrown on it. However, the Musou Kiwami black absorbs 99.9 percent of light.

Following this, he shows the Kiwami black cloth which he received from Japan. He stated that as this is a fabric, it will need to be applied in a different way than paint on his car. After this, he starts applying glue on his sedan and then starts pasting the Kiwami Black cloth on the car’s body.

This Is The World’s Blackest Car [Video]

Next up, he completely wraps the car in Musou Kiwami black color. After this, he shows the result, which can be seen in the video. It looks like the car has been edited in the video as the car absorbs any light thrown on it. However, this is exactly how this color works. It almost looks like a void.

He adds that there are a lot of wrinkles on the surface. However, due to the light absorption properties of this Kiwami black shade, it is next to impossible to see those wrinkles from direct view. In the video, the vlogger drives the car around and gets unique reactions from everyone who saw the car on the road. 12 Black Edition cars you can buy in India!

How does this color work?

This Is The World’s Blackest Car [Video]

The vlogger in the video mentions that this color is extremely unique and it has unique properties. He explains that this fabric has numerous strands which all absorb the light thrown on it. Hence, there is no reflection and it looks unreal. He even flashes the world’s strongest and brightest flashlight on this car, and it was only then that the car’s wrinkles were seen.